NBA Rumors: Proposed Deal Sends Kyrie Irving Back To Cleveland

Kyrie Irving
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Ernesto Cova

The Brooklyn Nets continue to make the rounds for the wrong reasons. Kevin Durant still wants to be traded and reportedly gave the team an ultimatum, making them choose between him and coach Steve Nash.

The team has already vowed its support for the coach and the front office, so chances are they'll continue to drag this drama for the next few weeks at the very least.

Nets Don't Want Kyrie, Kyrie Doesn't Want Nash

Kyrie Irving
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But Durant isn't the only player creating chaos within their locker room. According to The New York Post, Kyrie Irving has also grown sick and tired of Nash and GM Sean Marks, even though the latter went to great lengths to get them James Harden and then Ben Simmons.

The Nets don't seem to be enamored with Kyrie, either. They didn't sign him to a contract extension and have repeatedly stated that he's not committed to the team.

With that in mind, Fadeaway World's Lee Tran proposed a trade to send Irving back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the Nets getting Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman, and a future first-round pick in return.

Why Would Cavs Do This?

Kyrie Irving
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The Cavs aren't sold on Sexton. He had the best season of his career before that knee injury, yet he was tangled up in trade rumors. They refuse to meet his asking price and a sign-and-trade seems like the likeliest scenario.

Unsurprisingly, Irving didn't leave the Cavs on good terms. But then again, they've put together a promising team that could be a legit contender sooner than later, so bringing back one of the best players in franchise history would be a no-brainer.

Why Would Nets Say Yes?

Collin Sexton
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Simply put, the Nets can't stand Kyrie, and the feeling is mutual. They held on to him to keep Kevin Durant happy, but now Durant also wants out, so what's the point?

This way, they'd land another young guard to pair with Ben Simmons for years to come, not to mention they'd replenish their depleted draft capital by landing a future first-round pick.

A Win-Win Scenario

Collin Sexton
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The Cavs get a scoring threat next to Darius Garland and get instantly better. The Nets get a pick and a young player under team control for several years while also getting rid of their biggest headache.

Not many teams will be willing to trade for Kyrie, given his track record of controversy. So the Nets shouldn't hesitate to take this deal if the Cavs come on knocking.