Cedrick Wilson Addresses The Impact Of Cowboys' Michael Gallup's Injury

Cedrick Wilson
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Ernesto Cova

It's never good to see a player limping out of the field or leaving with an injury. But as terrible as Michael Gallup's ACL injury was, it opened up the door for multiple players to step up.

One of those was Cedrick Wilson, who shined enough to grant consideration from the Miami Dolphins to be their WR2 next to Tyreek Hill. Looking back on his breakout season, Wilson admitted Gallup's injury had a lot to do with it:

"I feel like definitely him going down was really not in my favor cause that was one of my best friends, so it was hard to see him go down," Wilson said. "But it gave me the opportunity to go out there and show what I've been practicing. I feel like I stepped in when they needed me, just like when he came back healthy he came out there and didn't miss a beat and then he obviously went down again and I had to step back up for the team while I was there."

Who'll Step Up?

Dak Prescott
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That's also the case in training camp. The Cowboys will also miss James Washington for the first part of the season, meaning someone will have to step up in the passing game.

Fortunately, Cowboys insider Brandon Clements reports that they have no shortage of candidates:

"This year’s third-round pick, Jalen Tolbert, is already flashing tremendous ability and from a statistical perspective could wind up putting up the second best receiving stats on this year’s squad by seasons end, behind the unquestioned number one wide out, CeeDee Lamb," Clements reported. "It appears at least for the first few weeks of the regular season that the Cowboys will be rolling out a one-two receiving duo of CeeDee Lamb and Jalen Tolbert," Clements added. "The real question is who is going to step up and become that number three wide receiver behind Lamb and Tolbert? Based on early returns, and rapport with franchise quarterback Dak Prescott, undrafted free agent by way of Western Illinois, Dennis Houston, could be in the mix."

Tony Pollard Breakout Season?

Tony Pollard
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Other insiders also predict the Cowboys could turn to Tony Pollard in the passing game, as he's familiar with the WR position and has the best hands among their RB corps:

"Perhaps Dallas should give even more attention to a wide receiver-turned-running back. Tony Pollard has been one of the more efficient players in the NFL, and the Cowboys coaching staff made it known they plan to use him in different ways, including the passing game," Fansided's Lucas Mascherin reported. "Of everyone, Pollard will stand to gain the most from these injuries. This is the season for him to solidify his spot in Dallas’ future and a chance to overtake RB1 Ezekiel Elliott officially. We will see him deployed similarly to Alvin Kamara, splitting time as a running back and receiver."

So, who'll step up in Dallas? we'll have to wait and see.