NBA Rumors: Proposed Three-Team Blockbuster Sends Donovan Mitchell To Warriors

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Tristin McKinstry

The Golden State Warriors are coming off their fourth NBA Championship in eight years. If not already a dynasty, these recent Warriors teams are as close to a dynasty as we have seen in a long time.

However, things aren't entirely rosy for the Warriors. While they want to keep the band together, it may not be financially feasible. Furthermore, future Hall of Famer Stephen Curry reportedly isn't down with the team moving on from Klay Thompson and/or Draymond Green if those moves are financially motivated.

"Curry sees the Big Three as a package deal. While much of the talk of the season was about the Warriors’ plan to win-and-develop simultaneously, it isn’t lost on the veteran core how that plan disappeared in the postseason. It was all on them again, with the help of some critical vets," The Athletic's Andrew Slater and Marcus Thompson II report.

With this in mind, writer Sam Yip proposed an insane three-team blockbuster that would allow the Warriors to add another superstar to their roster while keeping costs down and the Big Three together.

The Trade

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Yip's trade proposal involves the Warriors, Utah Jazz, and San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs would receive Andrew Wiggins from the Warriors, while the Warriors would receive Donovan Mitchell from the Jazz.

The Jazz, meanwhile, receive James Wiseman, Moses Moody, a 2026, and a 2028 first-round pick from the Warriors. Additionally, they receive Doug McDermott and a 2025 first-round pick from the Spurs (via Chicago).

Warriors' Motivation

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One reason the Warriors would be willing to do this deal, according to Yip, is due to Mitchell's control. He has three years left on his current deal, meaning acquiring the star guard wouldn't be a one-and-done sort of thing.

"Instead of going after Kevin Durant and exhausting their entire pipeline of assets, Mitchell is not a bad consolation prize and gives the Warriors another star they can invest in with the Big Three getting older. The three years left in Mitchell’s contract give the Dubs a long leash on keeping one of the best explosive guards in today’s league," Yip writes.

Yip also notes the Dubs would be financially beneficial as well. They'd say $17 million in the short-term, and they'd save around $120 million in luxury taxes. The team also wouldn't have to worry about extensions for Wiseman and Moody as well.

Utah's Motivation

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The Jazz are reportedly seeking five to six first-round picks in any deal involving Mitchell. However, Yip doesn't believe this asking price will realistically be met.

Instead, the team may have to accept fewer picks and receive unproven stars with high long-term potential. That's where Wiseman and Moody come in.

"Wiseman’s value could not be lower than it is now, but if he and Moody up their value by the trade deadline, Utah could be more intrigued by their long-term potential than they are with other assets available to them on the trade market," Yip writes.

Spurs' Motivation

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As it pertains to the Spurs, the motivation for them here is simple: value. Yip believes the price of a veteran and future first-round pick for a player of Wiggins' caliber is great value for the team.

"The Spurs would essentially be trading a veteran and a first for Wiggins, which is great value. And since they could likely sign him in free agency next offseason anyway, they probably wouldn’t give up much more for him," Yip writes.

"In return, they would have the opportunity to build around Keldon Johnson and Wiggins. With Wiggins seeking a big payday, the Spurs can afford to offer him the maximum extension next offseason, especially since they project to have close to $26.8 million in cap space."