Chris Evans And Dog Dodger Join 'Jinx' Dog Food Family

Chris Evans
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Claudine Baugh

Dog dad Chris Evans has kicked up his daddy duties several notches in partnering with a premium dog food company, Jinx. The move was inspired so that not only does his rescue Dodger have cleaner ingredients in his diet, but other dogs can too.

Brand Ambassadors

The Marvel actor and his Boxer hybrid have been seen across the company's most recent ads to promote their delicious doggy treats and foods. He has also appeared on several talk shows to endorse a healthier dog lifestyle.

"It was just nice to meet people with shared passions," the actors said about his decision to join forces with Jinx. "Giving dogs good food and caring about their nutrition shouldn't break the bank," he added.

Dodger Has Fav Jinx Treats

Evans said Dodger even has his favorite Jinx treats, including the 'Chicken Jerky Recipe Bites'. Besides Dodger loving the products, knowing it's made with healthy ingredients excited the actor about the new venture.

"I've read so many independent reviews about the food that was just all glowing; they've really done something great here. That was part of the reason I was excited to do this partnership, and they have a great product, so it just felt like, 'why wouldn't I do this." 

"The best dog food for the best dog around"

Chris, 41, was happy to add to his collection of Dodger photos on Instagram and share their Jinx ad on a July 27 post.

"The best dog food for the best dog around!" he wrote in the caption. "Excited to join Jinx in redefining dog nutrition with better, healthier food for dogs. This is just the beginning."

Celebrity friends of the movie star commended the big move, including actress Jamie Chung who shared a heart-eye emoji in the comments. Pop singer Rita Ora wrote, "Aw it was only a matter of time matey ❤️.

Is There A Doggy Ad Comin Soon?

There might be a doggy ad coming up with Chris Evans. In an IG post in June, he revealed "Just a peek" of what appeared to be behind the scene footage with a few adorable puppies.

Blushing under the abundance of puppy kisses and cuddles, the Cellular actor was seen in a studio setting petting four little pooches in front of a purple chroma screen - hopefully, we'll see the Blockbuster star in a puppy ad soon.

In the meantime, fans of this celebrity dog and dad duo can enjoy their many social media uploads because Dodger is "just so damn photogenic!" according to Chris in this recent IG post (below).