Larsa Pippen Flaunts Her Sexy Bikini Poolside

Larsa Pippen
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Triston Brewer

Larsa Pippen is sultry, smooth, and always willing to speak her mind, something that has endeared her to more than 4 million followers on Instagram. The self-admitted luxury aficionado has been in the public eye for years now and continues to bring the charisma, charm - and some would say drama - that keep her in the headlines, for better or worse. The reality television star may be more than a handful, but that's exactly how her fans like it. She likes to keep everyone guessing and this only adds to the intrigue and aura that surround her.

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Larsa Brings Vibrant Colors To The Beach

Nothing tells us more about the personality and beauty of this screen goddess than this skimpy bikini she can be seen wearing while relaxing on a hot day at the pool. Larsa Pippen was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1964 and looks phenomenal at 48 years old. She works hard to maintain her gorgeous figure, and many of her fans keep track of her progress and ask her for tips when she posts photos on her various social media accounts.

Larsa Is Like No Other 'Housewife'

Larsa Pippen is known and loved by her fans for her loud personality on The Real Housewives Of Miami and when she is on set, her direct approach to addressing people as well as confronting conflict is what sets her apart from other women on the show. And now that she is back on the show, they'd all better watch out! Larsa is not one to be shut down or silenced!

Larsa's Role As Reality Star And Mother

This sultry reality star has warmed our hearts since she first graced our screen during her early work on The Real Housewives of Miami. Aside from the hit show, she is also an astute entrepreneur, model, and proud mother. She was formerly married to the NBA sensation Scottie Pippen, a marriage that produced four kids - 3 boys and a girl. Although the love between the two has gone sour and she is now separated from her husband, this has in no way deterred her from achieving her dreams.

What's Larsa Up To Now?

As expected, Larsa is making a lot of money these days and has a lot of projects to her credit. While is yet to announce a project, for now, she has concentrated on the sale of her mansion. According to some reports, she is believed to have a net worth of over $12 million, which is quite impressive and will certainly only grow as her fame does!