NBA Rumors: Hornets Land Julius Randle In Proposed Gordon Hayward Trade

Gordon Hayward
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Ernesto Cova

A couple of years ago, people were mocking the Los Angeles Lakers for letting Julius Randle walk away. He looked like a star in the making and was one of the league's most dominant rebounders and interior scorers.

Fast-forward to today, and it seems like the New York Knicks may regret signing him to such a massive contract, as last season's regression was worrisome and somewhat predictable.

Knicks Could Move Randle

Julius Randle
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Randle threw a couple of tantrums on the sidelines. He got into it with an assistant coach, flipped the Knicks, and some around the front office showed concerns about his character going forward.

The Knicks want to revamp the roster in the offseason and make another postseason push, and they have doubts about Randle's status as a franchise player. That's why Bleacher Report's Grant Hughes predicts he could be on the move.

With that in mind, Hughes points out the Charlotte Hornets as a potential destination. In this scenario, they could get him alongside a future first-round pick in return for Gordon Hayward.

Why Would The Hornets Do This?

Julius Randle
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Well, there's a real chance Miles Bridges never sets foot on an NBA hardwood again after his domestic assault accusations. The Hornets need an interior presence, and P.J. Washington looked better coming off the bench rather than starting.

Also, Hayward has struggled with injuries over the past couple of seasons, so they could look to offload him while also gathering a first-round pick in the transaction.

Why Would Knicks Do It?

Obi Toppin
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The New York Knicks have a big arsenal of draft picks, so it's not like they can't afford to let one of them go, especially if that takes Randle's $117.1 million over the next three seasons off their books.

Hayward has been a solid contributor on both ends of the floor when healthy. He can do a little bit of everything and would give them another scoring option. Also, they could finally unleash Obi Toppin.

Both Teams Offload Their Players

Gordon Hayward
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In reality, this trade would work because the Hornets would love to move on from Hayward, and the Knicks don't want Randle anymore. It's a win-win scenario for two players signed to contracts they may not be able to live up to.

Both the Knicks and Hornets have playoff aspirations and young teams trying to make their way into the East. So, maybe all these two veterans need to thrive again is a change of scenery.