NBA News: Kyrie Irving Hints At Playing Overseas

Kyrie Irving
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Ernesto Cova

While there's no denying that Kyrie Irving is a special kind of talent, his actions off the court have exasperated the fans and front offices of every single team he's played for.

The Brooklyn Nets are no exception to that rule, as they even refused to offer him a contract extension before he decided to opt-in on the final year of his contract.

Irving Is Confident In His Game

Kyrie Irving
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But as clear as it is that Irving is the only one holding him back, he's just not going to change. In fact, he recently took to Twitter to let everybody know that he's just getting better:

"I don't have to renew. I'm going into my 12th season in the best league in the world and I'm getting better and better," Uncle Drew tweeted.

He Wants To Play Overseas

Kyrie Irving
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Truth to form, the often controversial star lived up to his mystic guru persona, stating that he's poised to spread his knowledge all over the world once he leaves the NBA. However, he still plans to be in the league for a very long time:

"When I'm 38 and have time to really reflect on my career, I'll do that, but until then, I'm enjoying every moment," Irving added. "And no, I'm not retiring from basketball at 38, I'll be in leagues around the world teaching young people everything they taught me."

Nets Don't Want Him Anymore

Kyrie Irving
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But it's highly unlikely that Irving spends all those years with the Nets. If anything, it seems like they would be more than glad and willing to watch him leave once his contract runs out, according to Bleacher Report's Tyler Conway:

"Based on the Nets' actions as they negotiated a potential extension with Irving, the situation does not seem salvageable. The front office likely does not feel it can trust Irving and is seemingly so fed up with the situation that it alienated Durant," Conway reported.

He's Been Tough To Deal With

Kyrie Irving
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Irving is one of the most disruptive offensive players to ever live. However, he's failed time and time again to show his commitment to the Nets — or any organization throughout his career:

"While no one can deny Irving's on-court talent, he also took a midseason sabbatical that coincided with his birthday during the 2020-21 campaign," Conway added. "Time and again, Irving has shown himself to be as frustrating to deal with as he is brilliant at breaking down defenders off the dribble."

So, where will Kyrie play next? That's anybody's guess.