Emily Ratajkowski In Swimsuit Frolics At The Beach

Emily Ratajkowski
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Triston Brewer

Emily Ratajkowski is best described as a 31-year-old multi-hyphenate celebrity that has gained a reputation and considerable credits to her resume as both a model and an actress. With nearly 30 million fans that follow her every move on Instagram, it is up to debate which medium has made her a more prominent name – acting or modeling.

Either way, she is now well-known in both lanes and after starting out as a teenager, she can now add writer to her resume as well. First gaining significant traction in the Robin Thicke hit single Blurred Lines, where she bared nearly all, the video is credited with launching her into the stratosphere of young women in the industry. After that guest starring role, she landed many others that capitalized on her looks and growing star power.

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Emily Takes Sand And Sun To New Heights In Tiny Black Bikini

Now considered one of the world's elite models, she can regularly be seen on runways on both sides of the Atlantic, with her willowy frame and cheekbones some of the most coveted by young women. Always keen to stay connected to her fans, she regularly posts on her social media posts, and on one recent one, she can be seen with atypical blonde hair and killing it in a skimpy black bikini.

Relaxing on the beach and seemingly without a care in the world, the photo is definitely one that many would be jealous of and shows that when she has some downtime, Emily knows how to stay in the zone. And even though she has been in the public eye for quite a long time, there are still some exciting things to know about her!

Emily Was Actually Born In England

Emily Ratajkowski
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She may be as American as apple pie, but Emily was born in London – Westminster. Her parents were unmarried at the time, and by the time she was 5, they had relocated to San Diego. Emily can claim Irish heritage on her father's side, and her mother's ancestors were of Polish Jewish descent.

Emily attended theater school and eventually went to UCLA, but she left school to chase her dream of being a professional modeling career full-time quickly after that. Another interesting fact is that although her last name is not easy to pronounce, she promised her father she would never change it.

Emily Caught The Acting Bug At A Young Age

Emily Ratajkowski
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Her first leading role was Elsa in The Little Match Girl. She then studied at the North Coast Repertory Theater School in southern California. Emily also studied ballet and played soccer as a child. During her pre-teen years, Emily pursued acting vigorously and auditioned for many parts, eventually appearing as Gibby's girlfriend in a few episodes of iCarly.

Emily Is An Author!

Emily Ratajkowski
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Another way to cap off her resume? Emily is an author! She made the New York Times Best Seller list and that is something that very few models her age can claim!