Olivia Wilde Shows Off Her Amazing Legs In A Minidress

Olivia Wilde
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Triston Brewer

You have seen Olivia Wilde here and there over the years in many projects, but she is arguably best-known for her work in The O.C. and Tron: Legacy. These days, Olivia Wilde has made more of a name for herself behind the scenes as a serious director, receiving many accolades for her work and gaining the respect of her peers. The 38-year-old thespian is a true timeless beauty and it is on her social media posts that this is readily apparent, thanks to her model looks and gorgeous poses.

Olivia, Queen Of The Polka!

The star isn't too active on her Instagram account, which has over 4 million followers, but her fans still find a way to get photos of her. In a black and white photo recently shared on one of her fan accounts, Olivia can be seen laying down on the couch in a minidress, showing off her toned legs. But just when you thought there was nothing left to give from Team Wilde, there's more!

Her Life Has Been Filled With Fame 

Olivia Wilde
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Olivia Wilde is no stranger to the spotlight, with internationally famous journalist parents, the star grew up understanding what life in the public eye was like. Other than her own success it seems she had famous ancestors too, including politician George Arbuthnot and British colonial administrator Henry Arthur Blake. She even married an Italian prince, a dream most girls hope to achieve. Furthermore, the actress’ grandfather Claude Cockburn wrote the novel Beat the Devil under the pseudonym James Helvick. 

Pregnancy Does Slow You Down, Olivia Admits

Olivia Wilde
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The actress kept working while she was pregnant with her first child, Otis, on the set of the Lazarus effect. She has said that her pregnant belly was “a whole other horror movie.”She worked up until she was 8 months pregnant before taking time off, which is a massive accomplishment. The actress was also spotted to be doing pilates during her pregnancy which sounds easier than it actually is. 

Olivia Will Never Deny Her Love For Food!

Olivia Wilde
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She loves making food or going out to eat dinner. She once mentioned she would rather take 10 people out to dinner than buy an expensive outfit. She is also a pescatarian, which means she is basically a vegetarian that also eats fish and/or seafood, but no other animal meat. She has been through many diet choices from vegetarian, to vegan and decided to now settle on pescatarian, and was voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010. She is quite outspoken about her dietary choices and encourages everyone to try veganism.