Ana de Armas Is Summer Ready In A Bikini

Ana de Armas
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Triston Brewer

One Hollywood actress who is the undeniable ‘It Girl’ of the moment is none other than Ana de Armas. The Cuban beauty has made quite a splash over the past two years and as she continues to break out in bigger and better roles, it is only a matter of time before she is a household name. Combining her gorgeous looks and acting talent, the sky is the limit for Ana and more people are falling in love with her performances on screen and for her social media posts.

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Ana Is Creating A New Style Book To Emulate!

In a recent photo shoot for Elle, Armas got truly into the artistic side of things by posing on a deck near the water. In a black high-waisted bikini, she is definitely every inch the star that Hollywood has proclaimed her to be! In the second slide, she traded the bikini top for a tank top and laid on the bed, giving a sultry look.

And what else is there to know about Ana? Lots! Here is a mini-deep dive into the life of Ana de Armas!

Ana Grew Up In Cuba

Ana de Armas
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The stunner was born and raised in Cuba, growing up in Havana. Since she is Spanish through her mother’s side of the family, Ana was able to earn Spanish citizenship after moving to Spain at the age of 18. It was there that she began to forge a career as an actress.

Ana Always Wanted To Be A Thespian

Ana de Armas
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Since a pre-teen, Ana harbored dreams of becoming an actress, but it was not until she moved across the Atlantic that she was able to make her dreams become reality. Her first foray into movies was in the 2006 Spanish movie Una Rose de Francia (A Rose From France), but it was her role in El Internado (The Internship) that caught the attention of producers in Hollywood. It was not until she made the transition to English-speaking films that she finally learned English, however. Before 2014, Armas did not even speak English, so her ability to do so now is even more impressive!

Ana Is a Huge Dog Lover!

An admitted lover of animals, Ana has a big place in her heart for dogs, and she even has a pet Maltese that goes everywhere she goes – even to auditions! Named Elvis, many of her fans may have even spotted him on the red carpet with her!