The Angelina Jolie Book Deal: What We Want To Know

Two words spring to mind upon hearing about Angelina Jolie’s recent book deal.

“Oh dear…”

Word that Jolie is being offered more than $50 million dollars for her autobiography really gets you thinking. What will Angelina say? According to reports, the shorter list is what Angelina Jolie won’t say.

Sources told The Daily Star that “no issues – apart from those that might damage her children’s privacy – will be taboo.”

See? “Oh dear…”

The Star piece suggests Angelina Jolie will dish on prior marriages to Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. And of course that one guy… Um, Brad Pitt, yeah that’s his name (shouldn’t it be “Willy Brad Pitt” to fit the name scheme of Angelina Jolie’s previous husbands?).

The biggest question Angelina Jolie can answer is obvious. Straight from the deck of Fox News‘s version of the story: will [Jolie] admit that they started their romance while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston?

If this truly is to be an Angelina Jolie tell-all, the answer has to be yes. Media analyst Mike Raia told the Star there are “tens of millions of fans out there” who would want to read her book.

“But they’ll have to believe she isn’t pulling any punches and is being honest about her checkered life.”

Other things the world must know from Jolie’s book:

  • What was up with the crazy vials of each other’s blood Angelina and Billy Bob wore during their three-year union? Marriage tattoos are one thing, and not uncommon these days, but Jolie and Thornton took “weird” to “creepy weird” in a hurry.
  • Is Angelina Jolie as jealous as Thornton says? His recent comments suggest the sex scene with Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball helped dissolve their union. Is that why Brad has shied away from sex scenes since coupling with Jolie?
  • Did Brad and Angelina sign a pre-nup, as reported?
  • Jolie’s recent medical crisis will certainly come into play but how does Angelina feel about the “Angelina Jolie effect,” as double mastectomies are on the rise after she had the procedure. While it was medically advisable for Angelina, medical professionals suggest the procedure is unnecessary for women without Jolie’s genetic predisposition.

Would you buy Angelina Jolie’s book? What would you want to read about in Angelina Jolie’s autobiography? Do you care about the details of the Angelina-Brad-Jen Triangle of Intrigue?