Lindsey Vonn Stuns In Leggy Gucci Minidress

Lindsey Vonn sporting smokey eye makeup.
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Lindsey Vonn, 37, stuns in a preppy look while attending the Gucci and the Saltzman family's 2nd annual summer celebration in East Hampton.

The legendary alpine skier, who is a big fan of the luxury brand, socialized with big-name CEOs and reported to her 2.1 million Instagram followers that she was "learning from the best".

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Looking Preppy In A Gucci Minidress

For the fancy Hamptons event, Vonn decided to wear head-to-toe Gucci, giving homage to one of her favorite Italian brands.

Her ensemble consists of a two-piece cardigan and pleated skirt set with blue-and-red trim. The preppy set is from Gucci's Love Parade Collection, which debuted during the brand's spring 2022 runway show.

She styled the look with a Gucci Diana mini bag and a pair of Gucci star embroidered white lace leather Ace sneakers.

"C.E.O.’s… trying to learn from the best," Vonn captioned her Instagram photos, which included pics with two of Gucci's CEOs.

From Star Athlete To Businesswoman

Since her retirement from professional skiing, Lindsey has been busy growing her business ventures. She is an investor in ski brand Yniq and also has her own skiwear collection with Head. Additionally, she has been actively collaborating with other business brands including Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's "Project Rock".

"Even since leaving competition, I still think the same way,” Vonn shared in an interview with Forbes. “In life and in business, a lot of the principles of success are the same, as in skiing or any sport.”

Overcoming Her Injuries

Lindsey Vonn wearing a hot pink wrap dress.
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Being in the Olympics taught her to have a high competitive drive in life but it also left her with major scars. Lindsey had to go through another knee surgery a couple of months ago to restore her knee strength.

"Not every athlete is the same, and some injuries you can’t fight through, but for me I had a high pain tolerance and it was about being mentally strong and fighting through it," she said in the same interview.

On Dealing With Insomnia

Lindsey Vonn sporting a tight bun.
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This week, Lindsey dropped by The Today Show to promote her memoir Rise. She also revealed that she has been struggling with insomnia for some time, and it started after her first knee surgery.

"I approach my sleep just like I approach my skiing career. I've tried so many different things to try to rectify that," she said, sharing that she finally found an effective treatment. “I’m healthy, I’m happy, I’m well rested."