Bombshell Kate Upton Relaxes On A Floatie In A Bikini

Close up of Kate Upton
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Chisom Ndianefo

Justin Verlander's supermodel wife, Kate Upton, turned 30 last month, and the mother of one has shown that she only gets better with age. The model shared two pictures of herself on the same spot ten years apart for reference's sake, but they look like they were taken days apart. She keeps fit with Yoga and intense workout in the gym, sometimes partnering with her daughter or MLB husband for a routine.

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The 20s Vs The 30s

The model wore a nude two-toned bikini consisting of a low-waist bottom and V-neck top, showing her flat tummy and cleavage as she lay on a yellow floaty facing up. The GQ magazine spread captured her sunbathing on the single-man floaty. However, the recreation included a special friend, Lucy Aragon, on a two-person floaty.

She laid in a plain black bikini while Aragon chose a leopard print style and they twinned bright smiles from laughter. Both ladies still looked as fit as they were in the 2010s.

A Diva On A Monday

Upton has been reminiscing about her early twenties lately, and she shared a shot from Vogue Italia. The model laid face-up on a pool lounger wearing a sparkly black suit and gold cropped top with a plunging neckline. She propped a cigarette in one hand and angled her head to the side, looking like a diva in her red lipstick, nail polish, and Christian Louboutin stiletto pumps.

Staying Motivated In The Gym

"How does she keep so fit?"

Upton engages in serious workout routines so much that she has an in-house gym. The model hinted at her motivation during a mother's day tribute. Her squat machine is strategically placed in front of a framed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover to remind herself to stay fit. Her daughter, Vivian, also sometimes watches her during her exercises, giving her all the extra motivation needed to be a good mom. Read her caption below.

"Here’s to all the strong women investing in themselves to be the best mom, role model and self they can be. 💪🏻 Happy Mother’s Day!"

Being The Best Parents To Vivian

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander smiling
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Upton and Verlander are committed to being the best parents ever to their little girl, Vivian, and they keep to it by developing her extra-curricular skills. Last Spring, during their family vacation, Vivian learned how to ride a pony, and Upton added that it was one of her favorite moments ever.