Brooke Burke In Bikini Announces Summer Challenge

Close up of Brooke Burke smiling
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Fitness instructor Brooke Burke introduced a new summer challenge for her fans via her Instagram page earlier this month. The 50-year-old businesswoman shared the new routine with almost half a million followers, saying it would last six weeks. She made a short video asking them to sign up for the challenge showing off her makeup-free face, messy bun, and the top half of her polka dot bikini. She also wore an interesting R-pendant on her neck (representing her fiancé's last name - Rigsby.

Enjoying A Hot Summer Day

She shared a new video of herself and friends enjoying a hot summer day by her poolside. The ladies sunbathed in their bikinis after enjoying drinks and snacks. Burke wore a multicolored striped bikini consisting of a halter neck top and low-waist string bottoms while keeping her face safe from burning with a hat and sunglasses. She tagged her friends "summer soul sisters."

Enjoying The Day With Scott Rigsby

The businesswoman also spent time with her fiancé Scott Rigsby as they lounged in the backyard. He watched Burke as she picked flowers from her garden and formed them into a beautiful arrangement in her clear vase.

She wore a bikini inside her casual black dress while her hair stayed in a messy bun. Burke took her protection seriously as she wore purple gardening gloves to keep the thorns from pricking her fingers. In the final sequence, she shared a short clip of their healthy lunch - a salad plate with fried sunny-side-up eggs.

Enjoying The Small Moments

Burke shared a reel using Ashlaward's voice-over as she appreciated the small moments in life while doing yoga. The voice said the small moments were the smell of coffee in the morning, different colors of the sunset, and more while encouraging people to live for those small moments.

True to the voiceover, a cup of coffee is inclusive in Burke's morning routine before working out and preparing her body for the day.

Mindful Fitness For The Summer

The fitness instructor and her friends have something coming out soon, but they haven't revealed what it is. Burke shared a BTS shot of the ladies cheering with their smoothie jars before a workout session. She believes in mindful fitness, which is why she incorporated many yoga routines into her Summer challenge for 2022.

She wrote,

"So many great workouts for you this summer! New content, community & fitness inspiration. If you haven’t started our SEXY, strong Summer challenge, it’s not too late‼️"