MLB News: Unvaccinated Red Sox Players Could Be Blamed For Walk-Off Loss

Boston Red Sox
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Jon Conahan

The Boston Red Sox have been a great team throughout the past month, but this series against the Toronto Blue Jays has to hurt them a bit. After a 7-2 loss on Monday night, Boston lost again on Tuesday by the way of a walk-off base hit from Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

The issue with the unvaccinated Red Sox players? Their closer can't play in Toronto.

Tanner Houck Can't Play In Toronto

Boston Red Sox
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Tanner Houck has been an above-average relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, especially in the past month. He's the guy who typically gets the ball whenever there are save opportunities. His decision to not be vaccinated doesn't only affect him not playing, but it affects his team.

Because of his decision to not be vaccinated, the Boston Red Sox lost a huge game against an American League East opponent. The Red Sox were in second place in the division but now find themselves in third place after the loss. These games could come back to haunt Boston when they are looking to get a Wild Card spot at the end of the year.

This Is An Even Bigger Come Playoff Time

Boston Red Sox
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What will Tanner Houck do if the Boston Red Sox play the Toronto Blue Jays in the playoffs? It sure seems like a possibility that these two teams might meet. Toronto and Boston both have Wild Card spots at the moment and not having arguably their best bullpen arm is a major issue.

If Boston doesn't figure this out, as well as figuring out the other guys who aren't vaccinated, they won't be the team that they're looking to be.

Boston Will Need To Make Moves At The Deadline

Boston Red Sox
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It wouldn't be surprising if the Red Sox go out and make a few moves at this year's MLB trade deadline because of this. They have to make sure that they have enough to beat Toronto in Canada and right now, they might not. There's only one way to find out, but Toronto took the first two games of a 3 game series.

Can They Still Win A World Series Under These Conditions?

Boston Red Sox
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It's going to be a difficult task for the Red Sox to get the job done under these conditions. Things are going to have to go right for them and they will have to hope that they don't play the Toronto Blue Jays in October. If not, things could get worrisome in Boston.