Melissa Gorga Celebrates Son Starting High School

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Reality TV family the Gorgas celebrated their anniversary this month, where Melissa thanked her husband Joe for fulfilling his promise to her even after marriage. She revealed that she married the reality TV star in 2004 at 24 and hasn't regretted her decision.

Even on their show Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa is all about her family, and avid watchers can testify to that fact. Her social media is also filled with admiration for her children, and she shares their wins with the world, from Antonia's teacher praising her parenting to Gino graduating from Middle school.

Gino Goes To High School

Melissa and her oldest son Gino posed for a picture in matching outfits as he prepared to enter high school. The mother of three wore a plunging neckline black jumpsuit with a white blazer while Gino wore a white blazer over a white shirt, black bowtie, and black pants.

"GINO is going to high school😩😩😩 Congratulations to my shy boy💙👨🏻‍🎓 I know you’re going to do amazing things! You impress me everyday💙,"

she wrote. Unfortunately, Joey is on a comedy tour at the moment so he missed Gino's graduation. However, he also replied,

"So proud of you, I love you. Wish I was there."

Thanking Joe For His Love

"This Daddy snatched me up at 24. Told me he would give me a beautiful family and put me on a pedestal. Thank you for doing exactly what you said you would. We love you♥️ @joeygorga"

Melissa and her family were all smiles as she and her husband celebrated 18 years of marriage and father's day. The family gathered at Jersey Shore for a family day out as they typically do with all members coordinating outfits in white, black, grey, and blue tones.

What Really Matters In Life

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In May, Melissa shared that what mattered in life was the compliments she got for raising her children with manners. She received an email praising Antonia from a teacher who said the 16-year-old stood out from her peers because she's "incredibly motivated, passionate, responsible, and respectful." The compliment also encompassed her personal and academic life.

Joe Appreciates Melissa

On mother's day, Joey celebrated Melissa with old pictures of her during pregnancy and afterward. He thanked the 43-year-old for being a great mother adding that he loves her. The comedian constantly proves that love by sticking up for her during the show even against his sister, Teresa Giudice.