Woman Killed Sister, Made Son Help With Moving The Body

Carmen White
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A Houston woman is accused of murdering her sister and then forcing her 13-year-old son to move the body of his own aunt.

Carmen White, 38, is facing a capital murder charge in connection with the death of her sister Cynthia Cervantes.

Police Say Carmen White Shot Her Sister Several Times, Burned Body

Her sister Cynthia Cervantes
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Police said that Cervantes was shot multiple times, including once in the back of the neck. Her boy was then dumped at the end of a dirt road and set on fire.

Video footage allegedly showed a gray Chevrolet HHR like the one driven by White at the location where the body was dumped for six to seven minutes before leaving the area.

A Family Friend Came Forward With Information About White's SUV

Tracking down White's SUV provided evidence.
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A family friend told police that he noticed White's strange and odd behavior since her sister's death, and that she seemed paranoid and extremely nervous. He said she insisted on trading her vehicle she had bought just a month before because she claimed the air conditioner was broken.

Police were able to track down the vehicle that White had traded in and confirmed there was a large amount of blood in the cargo area of the SUV, as well as blood in the back seat area.

White Had A Motive For Killing Her Sister After She Called The Police On Her

Cynthia Cervantes had called police on her sister.
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The friend also told authorities that White had a motive for killing her sister. He said White was mad that Cervantes called the police on her and wanted to get back at her sister.

White was arrested in February on a charge of terroristic threat of a family member and possession of a controlled substance. She never appeared in court on those charges as she was supposed to. Police said the charges came about after Cervantes called the police on her sister.

White Forced Her 13-Year-Old Son To Help Move The Body After Her Ex-Boyfriend Declined To Help

A court date has not been set.
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White allegedly asked her ex-boyfriend with help moving her sister's body, but he declined. Court documents state she instead had her 13-year-old son help.

The boy said he "reached down and lifted what felt like human legs, so he dropped the legs on the ground." He said his mother became extremely aggressive and he "feared what she may do to him, so he gave in out of fear for his safety."

No date has been set yet for White to appear on the murder charge.