WWE News: Current WWE Star Calls Out Roman Reigns For Beating Him

Roman Reigns
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Jon Conahan

Roman Reigns hasn't lost much in his career, but Seth Rollins knows a way to take down the star. Many don't think that Roman Reigns lost to Rollins, but he did.

Things have gotten tense between the two throughout the past few years and Rollins continuously keeps going out Roman Reigns because he beat him. There is another name, however, that also has found success against him.

Xavier Woods Calls Reigns Out

Roman Reigns
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Xavier Woods took to Twitter to mess around with Roman Reigns and talk about how he's the only one in the WWE that can take Reigns down because he's done so before. The WWE asked people on social media if they thought Rollins could take down Reigns, but Woods had to let them know that he can do so.

"Footage from smackdown after I beat Roman and ended his two year winning streak," Xavier Woods said in a tweet with a GIF of Will Smith using the neuralyzer in Men in Black.

Xavier Woods Has An Impressive Career

Roman Reigns
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Xavier Woods has been one of the better wrestlers of this decade. In 2014, Woods, Big E, and Kofi Kingston became a record seven-time SmackDown Tag Team Champion and four-time Raw Tag Team Champion.

Woods also became the 22nd winner of the King of the Ring Tournament in 2021.

Roman Is The Best In The World Right Now

Roman Reigns
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There are a few other wrestlers that could be the top guy, but Roman Reigns seems to be the best right now. His list of accolades is highly impressive and something that most current WWE members will likely never catch.

Who Would Win Between Roman And Woods Now?

Roman Reigns
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Right now, it would be tough to say who would win this fight. Both of them are two of the best in the world and it is possible that we might not ever see them go at it again.

Roman Reigns next big challenge is going to be a fun one. He will be taking on Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam. Reigns and Lesnar have one of the biggest rivalries in the WWE right now, which should lead to a competitive and fun fight.

It is unclear at the moment when Xavier Woods is going to return. His former teammates in Kofi Kingston and Big E have both been given chances to continue wrestling at many events, but Xavier Woods seems to be getting the short end of the stick.