NBA News: Marcus Smart Fires Back At The Haters, Claims He's A Star

Marcus Smart
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Ernesto Cova

The Boston Celtics are fresh off their first trip to the NBA Finals in 12 years. And even though the outcome wasn't what they expected, they still proved that they have what it takes to become a dynasty in the foreseeable future.

And against all odds, it was Marcus Smart the one who commanded that gritty, pesky, defensive-minded team to the top. Even despite all the trade rumors and the criticism that has come over the years.

Smart Says He's Proven Himself

Marcus Smart
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That's why he's not going to tolerate any more disrespect. Smart has heard all the chatter about how the Celtics needed to add a star point guard, even though they've had one for years:

“I think I proved a little bit everything,” Smart told Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe. “I hear the talks about ‘He’s not a true point guard’ and this and that. ‘They need a star point guard.’

He Wants People To Respect Him

Marcus Smart
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Smart wants people to give him his flowers. Star point guard or not, he was the one pulling the string of the offense of the team that reached the highest stage in competitive basketball:

“We’ve had star point guards, and yet this so-called non-point guard is the only one that’s led them to the Finals. I think that right there says enough. I don’t really need to say too much more. I think everybody sees and understands, finally, the person I really am, and what I can do given the opportunity," Smart added.

He's Been Through It All

Marcus Smart and Isaiah Thomas
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Smart's name has been mentioned in trade rumors for the past three years or so. But he's never let all that talk affect the way he plays the game and puts his body on the line on every single possession:

“And I’m still here,” he said. “I’m still the longest-tenured Celtic. So for me, I take it as a compliment. It means you’re valued pretty high, and if your name is talked about, people want you."

The Celtics Will Be Back

TD Garden
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Ime Udoka's Celtics were a disaster early in the season, but they turned the corner in December. They thrived off the best defense in the Association and proved that they were ready to compete at the highest level.

They're young, athletic, well-coached, and hungry to be back to the ultimate stage. So, you better get used to watching Smart and the Celtics near the top of the East.