Michigan Mother In Jail After 3-Year-Old Son's Body Was Found in Freezer

Azuradee France
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A Detroit mother is accused of torturing and murdering her 3-year-old son and then concealing the boy's body in a freezer.

Azuradee France Facing Numerous Charges After The Discovery

France faces several charges.
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Azuradee France, 31, pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges, CNN reports.

France was also charged with first-degree child abuse, torture, and concealing a death by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy. She had five other children living in her home at the time.

Police Expressed Concern For The Other Children

Chase Allen
GoFundMe | Toni Haynes

During a Friday news conference, Detroit Police Chief James White described the boy's death as "a tragic case", saying it was "something that no one should have to see."

"The other kids — just imagine what they must have gone through and what they must have endured being inside of that home. And yes, a child was decomposing and yes, a child was found in the freezer," White said.

Police Responded To The Home After Child Services Called

Child Services were called to the home.
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Police responded to the home after Child Protective Services workers were contacted by an unknown caller. According to White, "It was determined that the 3-year-old child was deceased in his home in the basement and sadly found in a freezer. This case has shocked me, it's shocked our investigators, but the discovery would not have been possible without the officers' intuition."

He continued, "When they talked to the occupant of the home they recognized that there was something not right about the conversation and the way this occupant was communicating with them," White said, alleging that France was acting oddly and responding in a way meant to "push the officers away as if there was nothing go on."

But "their intuition and their experience led them to know that something was wrong," White said.

Fundraiser Created To Cover The Cost Of Funeral Expenses

France is being held behind bars.
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France is being held in jail at this time.

Toni Haynes, the grandmother of Chase Allen, created a GoFundMe to raise funds for the cost of a funeral and to help Chase's five siblings with clothes and shoes for the funeral.

"If anyone has anything other then money that they can donate to the children, we would greatly appreciate that too due to the mother being incarcerated," she wrote. "Their ages are a girl 3 months, boy 2 years old, boy 5 years old, boy 7 years old and a girl who is 9. Please keep our family in your prayers. Thank you so much in advance."