Insider Makes A Case For JC Tretter To The San Francisco 49ers

J.C. Tretter
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Ernesto Cova

The San Francisco 49ers have all but committed to Trey Lance over Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback for the future.

But a quarterback can only do so much if he doesn't have enough time to operate and find gaps, especially a young man entering his first full season as a starter and second in the National Football League.

The Niners Need To Protect Trey Lance

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That's why Michael Johnson of Fansided believes they should make a run at veteran C JC Tretter to replace the retired Alex Mack:

"On the surface, The 49ers have a solid offensive line led by Trent Williams at left tackle. On the other side is Mike McGlinchey, who is one of the better right tackles in the NFL," Johnson wrote. "However, the 49ers lost their starting center, Alex Mack. The seven-time Pro Bowler called it a career, leaving a hole in the center of the offensive line, pun intended."

JC Tretter Is The Best Man Available

J.C. Tretter
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The Niners are thin at the Center position and he's coming off revamping the Cleveland Browns' OL for the past four years:

"John Lynch should dip into the Cleveland Browns pool again by singing center J.C. Tretter. The eight-year pro commanded the center position for the NFL’s best offensive lines in Cleveland.." Johnson added. "He is a better option than their current center Jake Brendel."

He'll Help Their Passing Game As Well

J.C. Tretter
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Tretter will also do wonders for their passing game, a trait that should never be undermined when trying to give a young QB more time and space to work:

"The free-agent center played 16 games last season despite fighting through injuries, so he’s reliable. Having a veteran who does his best work in the run game isn’t a bad idea for a team starting a rookie," Johnson added. "The 49ers should help Lance out by getting him the veteran center, who has something left n the tank."

Will Lance Be The Answer In San Francisco?

Trey Lance
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The Niners need to do whatever it takes to put Lance in a position to succeed in his sophomore season, and that includes surrounding him with this kind of veteran.

But even if the Niners do so and he still underperforms, will they pull the trigger and start Garoppolo again if they can't find him a trade suitor? Will they give Lance a long leash o pull him as soon as things get ugly?

All things considered, they should let their prized youngster grow through his mistakes, even if that means having a losing season.