Olympian Lindsey Vonn Shares Fitness Routine

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Fatima Araos

Lindsey Vonn is still staying active three years after retiring from alpine ski racing.

The 37-year-old Olympic gold medalist’s fitness routine looks a little different now than it did when she was competing, but the intensity is still there! A quick scroll through her Instagram will tell you how hard she works at the gym. And, of course, she still skis.

“I've been skiing quite a lot, actually!” the former athlete told Bustle in February. “And I just went on my first skiing vacation since I was 9 this past month. So that was really fun.”

What does her workout routine look like off the slopes? Scroll to read.

Go-To Exercise Moves

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When asked what her go-to exercises moves are, Vonn replied, “Cleans [lifting a barbell] was always my favorite when I was racing. I don't know why! They’re just something that I liked to do. Now I mainly love to do HIIT workouts about four days a week. I've got my Tempo at home and I just do whatever I have time for. I like to cram as much as I can into a short period of time, so HIIT's the best way to do that for me.”

Best Time To Work Out

The sports icon also shared that she likes to do her workouts in the morning.

“It stimulates me for the rest of the day,” she explained. “If I wait till the end of the day, I'm usually tired from working, so it's harder for me to motivate myself to get it done. The more I can work out in the morning, the better.”

Food And Hydration

Vonn’s morning routine also includes grabbing something to eat. “The main thing I do, just like when I was racing, is make sure I have enough food,” she said. “I tend to not be super hungry in the mornings, but it's important for me to eat some oatmeal so that I don't get hangry while I'm on the mountain.”

The alpine ski star admitted, though, that she’s bad at hydration. “I always have to have a giant, 2-liter water jug with me and I keep trying to get to the bottom of it, which is really difficult. If I don't have a water bottle around, then I'm not going to drink.”


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And what about her recovery routine? “I use my Normatec, which is like a compression sleeve that you put on your legs,” she explained. “It helps flush my legs out so my muscles can recover. It's really great, especially for my knee, which gets swollen. But honestly, sleep is the best way to recover. And it's the hardest thing to get.”