MMA News: Francis Ngannou Gives Positive Injury Update

Francis Ngannou
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Jon Conahan

The UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou recently fought in January, where he retained his title with a unanimous decision over Ciryl Gain at the UFC 270. After the fight, Francis found out that he had torn his MCL and damaged the ACL in his right knee. He underwent successful surgery to repair both of his injuries in March and believes that he could potentially return to the ring sometime in the future.

Ngannou Gives Reporters A Promising Update

Francis Ngannou
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What Ngannou said recently should have MMA fans excited about his future.

“It’s getting better,” Ngannou told reporters. “It’s been pretty good. It wasn’t easy, but we’re getting there. It’s been only three months, so yeah, I’m still doing physical therapy. If everything goes well I’ll be ready by the end of the year because it’s going to be nine months. So let’s say late December or early next year.”

“You know, as for now let’s fight for the situation and get everything squared up, and then when I will be close to the return, we will see where the landscape is at because a lot of things can happen.”

There Are Other Issues For His Next Fight

Francis Ngannou
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Although he's currently dealing with rehabbing from his injury, it's not the only situation that he's currently dealing with. When he won his heavyweight champion fight, it was the last fight of his UFC contract. This means that he's going to have to re-sign with the UFC in the upcoming months if he is going to make a return in December. His clause will reportedly expire in December, but with him possibly coming back later than that, there's a chance that he's going to have to sign another deal.

Will The UFC Keep Him?

Francis Ngannou
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There should be no debate that the UFC is going to re-sign Francis Ngannou. Although his injury is going to be a tough one to come back from, he's one of the best fighters in the world and a heavyweight champion. It would be in their best interest to get him back because not only is he one of the best in the world, but he makes plenty of money for the organization.

Next Fight Likely In December, Maybe Later

Francis Ngannou
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There's a good chance that he's going to return in December of 2022. There hasn't been a definitive answer yet, but it's looking like he's going to return sometime then. The UFC and himself might decide to wait it out a bit longer just to be on the safer side of things, but a December return is certainly looking like a possibility.