2009 NFL Draft two years out: New Orleans Saints

Since this draft the New Orleans have won a Super Bowl, and made the playoffs both years. They picked 14th in 2009, and will pick 24th this year. Clearly they have done well on teh field, but I wonder if some of their struggles are not from delivering more on this class. They landed a starting FS and a punter, but not much else, granted they did only have four picks in this draft.

Here is a quick look at the Saints 2009 draft class:

  • Round One (14)- Malcolm Jennings CB
  • Round Four (116)- Chip Vaughn DB
  • Round Four (118)- Stanley Arnoux LB
  • Round Five (164)- Thomas Morestead

Malcolm Jenkins looks to be an above average long term starter for this team at the free safety spot. He has racked up over 40 tackles in each of his first two seasons. Chip Vaughn is now an Indianapolis Colt, and Stanley Arnoux has played in just 9 games in two seasons. He has been pretty ineffective. Their last pick was Punter Thomas Morestead and he has done pretty well for this team.

It is pretty hard to call this draft a failure as they did land two starters, which is likely way above the average for most teams in the NFL draft. However, we will have to wait and see what the long term implications of this draft turn out to be. If the Saints start to fall apart a weak 2009 class could be the culprit.

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