Miley Cyrus In Bikini Dazzles In Pool

Close up of Miley Cyrus Smiling
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Summer seems like the perfect time for Miley Cyrus to share unseen photos of herself heavily accessorized in a bikini from 2018. The pop/rock singer is famous for her daring style and she hasn't changed in five years. If you were told the picture came out this year, you'd believe it because of how ageless Cyrus looks.

Lately, she's kept a low profile, choosing to pop up on social media once in a while, and fans are grateful for the little glimpses they get.

Read on to see the photos and don't forget to check out these 30 Top Celebrity Swimsuit Moments to become summer-ready too.

Dripping In Diamond, Gold, And Silver

Cyrus wore long and dark blonde hair, letting it slick back as she splashed in the pool. She chose a bold look, heavily accessorizing her printed Dior pink and white bikini with gold, silver, and diamond pieces of jewelry - earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Cyrus wore matte pepper red lipstick and painted her nails a bright blue shade. In one slide, she added a blue-framed sunglass to her outfit, accentuating her bright blue eyes.

Supporting Her Friend Selena Gomez

In one of her recent posts, Cyrus showed up to support her friend Selena Gomez during her SNL monologue. She wore a tank top saying, "Hell Yeah I'm Miley Cyrus," as a tribute to a line from the skit. She also wore makeup (which is rare) and propped a teacup containing green tea as she lay in bed recovering from her Covid-19 infection. The singer previously said it was worth getting the virus knowing she entertained her fans.

Teasing New Music With Julia Cumming

Cyrus teased new music with Julia Cumming after visiting the singer at her show in L.A. earlier this month. She wrote, "Cumming to a city near you," flashing that famous naughty sense of humor that's built her a following of 177 million people on Instagram. The friends spotted similar skunk hair bobs with Cumming wearing an exaggerated black eyeliner and Cyrus keeping her makeup light.

Returning For Another Epic New Year's Eve Party

Miley Cyrus singing in a silver jacket
Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Cyrus announced her return to the NBC New Year's Eve party this year after a successful outing last year with Pete Davidson as her co-host. She wrote,

"I’m partnering with Lorne Michaels AGAIN to make this party possible! Thank you for bringing in 2022 with us & starting this year off right! CELEBRATING TOGETHER! 🎉🍾💃."

Hopefully this year, there'll be no awkward wardrobe malfunction, and we'll get more entertainers in the lineup.