Mandy Rose In Bikini Becomes Captain

Close up fo Mandy Rose
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WWE NXT champion Mandy Rose is in full summer mode with her latest Instagram share. The athlete posted new pictures showing her enjoying herself on the beach and sea as she cosplays a captain.

Rose also kept her sense of humor and skincare, ensuring her skin stayed protected from the harsh sun rays. Rose's day-off comes on the heels of her winning yet another championship belt, to the chagrin of some wrestling enthusiasts, although she seemed unbothered.

Becoming A Captain On Vacation

Rose wore a sexy black monokini featuring a triangle top connected to a thong with a thin V-strap framing her toned abs and tan lines. She wore square-cut brown sunglasses and gold wrist jewelry while her long brown hair danced in the breeze underneath her captain hat. Rose showed off her side profile in the subsequent slides, giving fans a full glimpse of her gym-toned body, including her toned, thick thighs and glutes.

Enjoying The Sun In The Bahamas

The athlete wore a nude raffia visor over her brown sunglasses to "protect her moneymaker," a.k.a. face. She wore a white bikini with a V-shaped bottom and full bandeau top highlighting her shredded abs. Her long brown hair also had blonde streaks from the sun's rays, while her light skin had a glowy tan.

Rose posed by the poolside with the greenery in her background, adding a tropical vibe to her shot. Although her partner, Tino Sabatelli, didn't appear in her slides, the wrestler was with him in Baha Mar, the Bahamas.

Naming Baha Mar Her Second Home

The WWE champion wore a bright pink bikini showing off her ripped abs as she nursed a tropical drink in one hand. She tied her shiny brown hair in a long ponytail and shielded her eyes with brow-lens sunglasses. She added that the Bahamas is her second home and loves being there.

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A Romantic Getaway With Tino

The happy couple traveled to the Bahamas in March for a romantic vacation after Valentine's Day. She wore a neon yellow bikini and dark black sunglasses while she tied her hair to the back.

On the other hand, Tino wore printed yellow and black shorts with a black snapback hat and sunglasses. They both looked fit with washboard bodies as they posed in the blue ocean. Tino also shared more pictures from their trip in the slideshow.

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