Constance Nunes In Bikini Leans By The Poolside

Close up of Constance Nunes pouting with curly long brown hair
instagram | Constance Nunes


Instagram model and mechanic Constance Nunes spiced things up on her feed last weekend with a bikini post. Earlier this year, she lamented her lack of professional photoshoots because she's been busy with the mechanic part of her career.

Then, she promised to take more pictures by feeding her modeling career alongside her car fixing job. So far, she's delivered on her promise reminding one million fans why they followed her in the first instance.

Flaunting Her Boobs

Nunes wore a cheetah print white bikini top that revealed her full cleavage and side boobs. Then, she rested her big boobs on the poolside, drawing viewers' attention to her chest. The model wore her naturally brown hair in a mixed blonde shade and tucked it underneath a white cowboy hat.

She lightly accessorized her summery look with a gold wristwatch and thin chain necklace while her collarbone tattoo and right wrist tattoo peeked underneath her bikini string.

New Year Goal

Nunes shared an old photoshoot of herself in a high-rise black one-piece swimwear laying on the fender of a classic Mustang. She wore nude stiletto court shoes to accentuate her toned, long legs while poking out her butt. Nunes also wore her natural hair color and swept her curled locks to one side, leaving the other side bare.

"One of my goals for 2022 is to get back to shooting more," she wrote.

Then she asked,

"What cars would you guys like to see me laying on the hood of?"

Entering SEMA 2022 With 'Babystang'

Nunes started rebuilding a classic Mustang this week with little help from one hired tech and her willing friends on the mechanic side of her career.

"I’ve helped so many other people/brands/shops get their cars to (Specialty Equipment Market Association) SEMA but sending Babystang has always just been a dream…so wish me luck guys, either way it’s going to be a fun ride!" she wrote.

Nunes' "babystang" is a hot pink classic Mustang Hardtop that was formerly grey. She thanked @1daywrapsdotcom for making her Dolly Parton dreams a reality these past few months with the Barbie shade wrap.

Focusing On Building Cars

Despite achieving fame through Netflix's show, Car Masters: Rust to Riches, Nunes focuses on her business, Cars by Constance. She said she's passionate about building cars for others as it brings her fulfillment. That's why she refused to be a YouTube influencer.

Check out Nunes in her zone.