Alexandra Daddario In Swimsuit Faces The Sun

Alexandra Daddario
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Baywatch star Alexandra Daddario rocks in a blue-white swimsuit

Alexandra Sizzles In Striking Swimsuit

Daddario's beauty is undeniable! Dressed in a blue-white swimsuit, the Baywatch actress looked stunning with her bombshell hair hanging backward. Her pose in the photo was admirable, and out of 22.5 million Instagram followers, over 600k fans were impressed with her beauty and pose.

Alexandra's Rise Through The Ranks Of Hollywood

Alexandra Daddario
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Although she has been working in the industry since she was a child, Daddario's journey to fame began in the 2000s after featuring in numerous films and winning awards. She's known for her roles in Baywatch, The White Collar, Parenthood, and San Andreas.

Currently, Alex is starring in HBO's buzz-worthy series, The White Lotus. The show resonated with fans and immediately went from cult favorite to mainstream hit, with a second season already filming. Critics raved about the series and felt that the show featured a great cast and an exceptional plot, giving all the actors a chance to shine.

Alexandra Maintains A Workout Routine That Gets Results

Alexandra Daddario
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To maintain her lean figure, Alex works out five days a week and is quite consistent in getting the most out of her workouts. She commits to high-intensity workouts combining them with rope jumping, rock climbing, free weights, TRX Straps, and resistance bands.

For a body like Daddario's, committing to her training works perfectly and her mission to stay healthy and centered is a huge component of her outlook. Her aerobic exercise is also important; to keep up with her exercises, she must maintain her diet. The funny thing is the Baywatch star has no strict diet routine.

Although her fans are amazed at how she remains so lean, Alexandra claims to eat what she wants in moderation, so she never feels like she is missing out on any amazing meals.

What's Next For Alexandra?

Alexandra Daddario
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200 has been a banner year for Daddario, and there appears to be even more for her fans later in the year. The American actress now has new roles on AMC, involving no other than legendary goth writer Anne Rice.

The author recently died, but not before announcing several of her books to be made into television and movie content. Daddario will star as Rowan Mayfair in Mayfair Witches, a new cable series based on Rice's book, The Lives of Mayfair Witches.