Kate Beckinsale Stuns In Cozy Minidress

Close up of Kate Beckinsale at the Spirit Awards
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Slaying effortlessly is something British actress Kate Beckinsale does so well. The 48-year-old is one of the few celebrities who share intimate moments of their lives on the internet, letting 5 million-plus Instagram fans see beyond the glitz and glam. In a recent post, Beckinsale sowed off her flawless makeup-free face and voluminous dark blonde hair.

As usual, her pet cats Clive and Willow made a cameo in her slideshow. Beckinsale's two house pets are regulars on her social media, and her fans have come to love them as much as they do her.

Spending A Relaxing Day At Home

Kate Beckinsale in low cut dress
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A super fan shared an old picture of the actress chilling at home in a casual silk mini dress and lacy jacket. The nude dress grazed her thigh, revealing her toned, long legs and parts of her upper body. She wore her hair in a lighter blonde shade and had her signature curls. Beckinsale leaned against a matching sofa while placing her other hand on the soft carpet.

How Does The Actress Relax In 2022?

In the present day, Beckinsale's relaxation day looks like the picture below;

A black bandeau top paired with a high-waist printed skirt and her curly blonde hair blowing carelessly.

It also includes her cosplaying a bunny in a pink and black outfit with matching bunny ears and fishnet stockings. Beckinsale hasn't lost her sense of humor as is evident in her caption,

"It’s all fun and games until someone suggests harvesting your cecotropes," she wrote.

It's A Willow And Clive Summer For Beckinsale

In more animal-friendly news, Beckinsale and her cats enjoy the summer as they spend days indoors and by the poolside. She shared a new video of the two felines with Clive resting on a kitchen scale and wearing a rose-colored sunglass. Willow, on the other hand, walked around the kitchen in a summery floral shirt.

Spending The Day Together

Beckinsale's 5.4 million followers know that's not a strange occurrence in the actress' home as she spends time with her pets and does everything with them, including workouts. She propped Willow on her shoulder as she walked on her home treadmill, getting her lower body into tip-top shape.

She added in her caption that fitness is their passion and looked the part in sporty leggings and cropped top combo with her usually long blonde hair tied into a messy bun. Then, the actress popped a fruit into her mouth as she walked.