Packers QB Kurt Benkert Speaks About Being Released

Kurt Benkert
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Jon Conahan

The Green Bay Packers decided to release Kurt Benkert last Friday and the veteran quarterback had some interesting things to say about it.

Benkert Understood That It's Part Of The Business

Green Bay Packers
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Many were expecting that he was going to be upset about the decision, but instead of pouting about it, Kurt Benkert realizes that this is part of the business and that it was in the best interest of the organization and himself for the move to be made.

“They way he did it and went about it, mad respect for him, and for the window he cut me in, to give me an opportunity to go somewhere and compete for another job to make the 53, knowing there was no chance to make the 53 here…respect the (expletive) out of that,” Benkert said during a stream on Twitch on Sunday."

“He could have kept me around for five weeks and then cut me as soon as I showed up for training camp, or kept me around for preseason, given me a quarter a game if that, and then cut me, Benkert said. “I’m just excited to see what’s next.”

“I know at the end of the preseason, what it was going to look like. Thankful they did me a solid and didn’t waste any time,” Benkert said. “I knew at the end of the preseason I was going to get cut. There’s no room for me on that roster for an extra quarterback on the 53.”

Was This The Right Move From Green Bay?

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Considering that Aaron Rodgers is going to be the guy in Green Bay until he decides to leave the organization or retire, it certainly makes sense from the Packers' perspective. They also have youngster Jordan Love waiting to replace Rogers when it's all said and done, so making sure that Jordan Love gets all of those reps is something that the Packers also had to factor in.

Will Benkert Get Another Deal?

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It's a possibility that Kurt Benkert is going to get another deal from a different team. He's not going to be a starter anywhere, but he certainly has enough talent to be a third or even second-string quarterback in certain organizations.

Packers Want To Get Over That Hump

Green Bay Packers
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The one thing that the Green Bay Packers are going to want to do this year is to get over that hump come playoff time. They're typically one of the best teams in the regular season and then fail to produce in the playoffs. This can't happen once again in Green Bay, otherwise, Aaron Rodgers might be playing his final season with the team.