Kendall Jenner Stuns In Thigh-High Slit Dress

Kendall Jenner close up
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Ashabi Azeez

Model and reality television star Kendall Jenner always steals the light with her gorgeous outfits. The model's stunning physique and flawless skin have captured the heart of a lot of fans all over the world. She always shared alluring snaps with her 243 million Instagram fans. 

Show-Stopping Glam

Kendall Jenner
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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum does not hesitate to serve steamy looks on various occasions. In one of her uploads, the socialite rocked a show-stopping red and black floral dress. The thigh-high slit dress also had a plunging neckline, a black underdress, and also a long tail.

The outfit flashed her gorgeous long legs and gave a clear view of a pair of black heels. The model's hair was packed in a bun, revealing her captivating face and bright red lipstick. She looked sophisticated and flawlessly stunning, leaving her neck and wrists bare. 

Sophisticated Blazer Look

Kendall Jenner
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In another Instagram post, the fashionista looked sophisticated in an orange blazer mini-dress. The long-sleeved dress had a deep V-neck and was paired with orange heels. The mini-dress flashed her long legs, which she covered in black see-through tights.

To complete her sophisticated look, the model wore black leather gloves and large gold earrings which matched the gold buttons on the blazer. The fashion goddess kept her neck bare and packed her jet hair up in a bun. Many fans were quick to like and comment on her fabulous look. 


Kendall's Health And Wellness Room

Kendall Jenner
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The 26-year-old recently shared a view of the 'health and wellness room' in her Los Angeles mansion. She has some clinical-grade gadgetry which also includes a Theralight bed. The reality star showed off the well-being machines on the final episode of The Kardashians. The camera first showed a hyperbaric oxygen chamber which keeps the model looking refreshed while answering emails or watching Netflix.

The entrepreneur also showed off a red light therapy bed which has a lot of functions like improving the skin, increasing energy, and reducing body aches. The machine is mostly seen in professional clinics. Also, the camera showed a device known as EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy). It delivers about 93% of pure energy, which can be inhaled via a mask while working out on a stationary bike. 

Wellness Fascination

Kendall opened up about her wellness fascination during a confessional, "For the past couple of years I've been loving health," she shared. The Hulu star talked about her obsession with health, "I am a major hypochondriac, I think of everything, it's always doomsday, all my friends make fun of me."

The fashion icon loves taking care of her body and maintaining a healthy lifestyle but finds her vast interest in it a little "embarrassing." This was not the first time she shared her love for health; an earlier episode of Hulu showed the model and her friend, Hailey Bieber, in Miami receiving an IV cocktail of minerals and vitamins.