'We Rise By Lifting Others': Nigerian Singer Davido Discusses Donating $600K To Orphanages

Davido smiles while posing
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David Adedeji Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, is a celebrated Nigerian singer and record producer. Davido's music combines traditional African genres with mainstream pop music worldwide.

The award-winning crooner made an appearance on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on June 15, 2022.

During the interview, Davido spoke about his latest single, Stand Strong. He also discussed how he raised N200 million from his fans on his last birthday. 

See more details of the interview below.

Davido's Single 'Stand Strong'

A significant reason for Davido's appearance on the show was to promote his latest single, Stand Strong. While on that, he also spoke about why he tagged his new tour "We Rise by Lifting Others." 

Trevor Noah asked Davido," 'Why Stand Strong', and then why the new tour name?" 

Davido replied, "You know, obviously, people know me, my music makes people smile and move. But this time, I was really inspired."

He also recalled how Kanye West remixed his song If and detailed how that challenged him to want to make different kinds of music. 

Why The Tour Tag? 

After explaining the reason behind his song, Stand Strong, the 29-year-old singer discussed his tour and why he dubbed it "We Rise by Lifting Others."

"Yea, so with the tour, 'We Rise by Lifting Others.' It basically means not only bringing myself to America. Also bringing everything else - African food, Africa fashion." 

Davido revealed that he would wear only African designer clothing, eat African delicacies prepared by African chefs, and have only African dancers during his show.

The hitmaker further said the tour isn't just about him but everyone, which is why he titled it "We Rise by Lifting Others."

Raising $600K In 72 Hours 

The star singer also revealed in his interview that he raised N200 million in 72 hours. Davido raised the sum after releasing his bank account details on social media on his birthday last year. 

He told Trevor he needed to contact everyone he had previously assisted or worked with to send him money. 

He said, "I started calling famous people…I was like c'mon you know I made a hit song for you last year. I was like everybody that I have helped in one way or the other, that's why this tour is called 'We Rise by Lifting Others.' I was scared it came up to $600,000 and at this point, I'm like can I keep this?"

Davido Gave It All Out

Noting how God has blessed him and the world's situation, David revealed that he gave out all he got during the fundraising. 

"We know that so much is going on around the world and I was like I can't be that insensitive and I spoke to my dad who is my mentor and he said 'you know you can't keep that money.' A lot of people were like no keep it, you've done so much for the community."

"I woke up the next day, reflecting on my whole life and how God has blessed me. So we decided to donate all $600,000 to orphanages across the country. Just for accountability, it took months to disburse because we had to know which orphanage is real," he explained.

Davido is a highly entertaining performer. He had The Daily Show With Trevor Noah audience cheering him on most of the time. They had a good time listening to him during the episode.