2009 NFL Draft two years out: Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos ended up with five picks in the first 64 pics of the 2009 draft. They turned those five picks into a pretty good RB, an average LB, and a couple of backups. Not a very good record and the 37th overall pick isn’t even on this team anymore. This was a poor draft, and it seems more and more Josh McDaniels was not suited for this level of the game. Now the Broncos have gone through a regime change, but that does not bring back all these wasted draft picks.

Before we go any farther a look at the relevant picks made by the Broncos in 2009:

•Round One (12)- Knowshon Moreno RB
•Round One (18)- Robert Ayers DE
•Round Two (37)- Alphonso Smith CB
•Round Two (48)- Darcel McBath DB
•Round Two (64)- Richard Quinn TE
•Round Four (114)- David Bruton SS
•Round Four (132)- Seth Olsen OG
•Round Five (141)- Kenny McKinley WR
•Round Six (174)- Tom Brandstater QB
•Round Seven (225) Blake Schlueter C

Even Knowshon Moreno has not exactly let up this league. He has not yet rushed for a 1,000 yards in any one season, and sure the Broncos went pass happy in his second year. This draft looks worse and worse all of the time. Alphonso Smith has not let this league up yet, but McDaniels only gave him one season in Denver to prove anything.

Moreno is the only thing that can save this draft. Fellow first round pick Robert Ayers may have played in a defense the team was not suited for, but he has not produced much. What that really means is the Broncos currently have three first round picks on the roster, from two different jobs, that have been average or below average.

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