The Real Reason Behind ‘Basketball Wives’ Brandi Maxiell And Malaysia Pargo’s Feud

Malaysia Pargo
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Claudine Baugh

Season 10 of the Basketball Wives has so far kicked off with a bang. After a two-year hiatus, the ladies have already started bringing epic heights of drama as seen on Monday night’s episode, which for the most part unveiled the real reason behind Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo’s longtime feud.

The Old Cast Is Back

With old Gs like Jennifer Williams, Jackie Christie, Brandi Maxiell, and Malaysia Pargo, who have all returned for the reboot of the VH1's reality show, it was only expected that there would be a pretty fiery narrative throughout the latest Season 10 installment. Of course, other familiar faces, including Angel Brinks, DJ Duffey, Brooke Bailey, and Brittish Williams have made it that much more enticing to watch.

Behind Brandi And Malaysia’s Forever Feud

On Monday’s episode during DJ Duffy’s ‘Meat Market’ event, a dating mixer she hosted for the ladies, Brandi and Malaysia would kick off the drama in what has been their forever feud. While fans of the show were led to believe that the two had a falling out because Malaysia didn’t reach out to Brandi after her father passed, it would be revealed in episode 4 that their beef went even deeper. 

According to Malaysia, Brandi has been upset with her ever since she was booted off the show in the Season 4 finale. Brandi at the time decided to confront the show's creator Shaunie O'Neal and told her to stop acting like a "bi*ch", Shaunie replied, "Thank you for your services." 

Malaysia insisted that she tried to get Brandi back on the show but Shaunie, neither Jackie Christie nor Tami Roman were interested in filming with Brandi. Unfortunately, Brandi thought Malaysia didn’t try hard enough, which saw the end of their friendship. 

A Rematch Of Brandi And Malaysia’s Fight

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At the mixer, things went south fast when Malaysia invited Zell Swag to seemingly stir the pot and start the drama. But as Malaysia tried defending herself to the ladies, Brandi immediately quipped, “Anybody that brings Zell knows what they're doing!”

Malaysia fired back, “Stop talking, stop talking to me,” while pointing her fingers at Brandi, which caused her to get up and battle her one-time friend.

In a behind-the-scenes clip, Brandi confronted Malaysia; “You knew what you were doing when you brought Zell to the situation.”

Malaysia replied, “Stop talking to me… if you were my friend we….” But Brandi cut her off, “We’re not friends!” From that point, there was no stopping the two. Malaysia would then spill the beans on why her ex-bestie was so mad.

“I am NOT the reason why you were not on the show.”

Malaysia Unintentionally Shades Jennifer 

For Jennifer, despite the havoc Malaysia and Brandi caused, things didn’t sit well with her knowing Malaysia had invited Zell to the mixer. While Zell appeared to be there to support Malaysia in case Brandi tried to approach her again, Malaysia forgot to consider Jennifer's past quarrel with Zell. 

Back in Season 8, Zell offended Jennifer by saying her breath stunk. The Love & Hip Hop alum resurfaced the shady remark during the ‘Meat Market’ event, causing Jen to relive that embarrassing moment. 

Though Jennifer supported Malaysia the minute Brandi confronted her, after the squabble, she had a change of heart and took to Twitter to call out her cast mate for being shady. "When you need a man to come be a battery in your back… Man coming on a female ensemble to start drama GTFOH," Jennifer wrote. 

Jay's Reality Blog shared a clip showing Jennifer's exchange with Zell after she made it visibly clear that she didn't like having him around.

Look out for the next episode of Basketball Wives on VH1, which airs on Mondays 8/7C.