Drew Sidora Reveals Old-Time Romance With 'A Certain King Of The NBA' On 'RHOA'

Drew Sidora
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Ashabi Azeez

Drew Sidora was the latest housewife stirring the post in the Sunday episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta when the ladies decided to play one of their often controversial games. This time, the housewives decided to reminisce on past romances with stars, and Sidora's reveal had her fellow stars questioning and raising curious eyebrows.

Drew Shares Old-Time Affair  

Drew Sidora
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In a glimpse of the Sunday episode of RHOA, Kenya Moore decided to spice things up by asking the ladies to share their romantic experiences with stars. The former beauty queen asked her fellow star to mention the "most famous person who ever hit on them." Kandi Burruss spoke up as she talked about her romance and relationship with music star Gerald Levert. Drew Sidora then chipped in, and got the housewives bewildered. Sidora revealed:

"I was on Melrose, and we were at a restaurant and a certain king of the NBA sent me over a drink."

While the housewives speculated on what Sidora shared, she further intensified her story by mentioning his name, which was bleeped out. Marlo Hampton then questioned Sidora, asking if it was before the NBA star was married. She replied, noting that it was before the star's marriage.

The Housewives Had Some Questions

Drew Sidora
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The music star continued speaking about her romance with the individual sharing that they went on "a couple of dates," and he flew her to his games. She also mentioned that he would often listen to her songs before going on the basketball court. RHOA newcomer Sanya Richard-Ross came in with her questions, asking about the NBA star's marriage and how he and his wife have been lovers since high school.

The NBA star in question has since been likened to LeBron James, as many speculations by the ladies pointed to him. Regarding Richard-Ross' last input, LeBron has been married to Savannah James for close to a decade, and they have been together since high school.

Sidora's Spouse Was Present

Drew Sidora
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During the ladies' chit-chat on their past lovers, Sidora's spouse Ralph Pittman was present, and he seemingly had a good-natured response to it. Pittman also did not seem bothered, despite the upheavals he and Sidora have been experiencing in their marriage.

A few weeks ago, his wife made it known that she stopped wearing her wedding ring amid the rocky period in their marriage, while they worked through the issues. The couple has been going through marriage counseling, following Pittman's alleged flirty relationship with his female assistant. Sidora revealed to Distractify that she and her husband were "actively in counselling" because their marriage was not "perfect."

Their Marriage Woes

Drew Sidora
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The coupe has had quite a tumultuous period in their marriage, and RHOA fans got to see a good faction of their issues. The duo has come full circle with their marital woes, from them having hated arguments to Pittman seemingly disregarding his wife. However, it seems neither of them is ready to walk down the path of divorce She told the news publication that her spouse was also putting in the effort to fix their rift.