Christine Quinn Claims 'Selling Sunset' Producer Threatened Her

Christine Quinn
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Ashabi Azeez

Reality TV star Christine Quinn has made allegations against Selling Sunset producer Adam DiVello. The actress and reality star claimed that DiVello threatened and asked her to "kill" herself after a revealing interview where she accused the show's producers of using "editing magic" to create a false story about her.

Being Threatened

Quinn spoke with host Alexandra Cooper on Tuesday's episode of the "Call Her Dad" podcast, where she discussed the threats she allegedly received from DiVello. "He actually told me to go fall down the stairs and kill myself at one point," she said. According to her, the producer made threatening comments after she did an interview accusing the show's producers of creating a false story about her.

"He was threatening me and yelling at me. There were other people around, witnesses to this," she claimed. "He basically berated me for being too honest, and I said, 'This is my real life and this didn't happen, and you know this,' to which he then was screaming and yelling at me."

Playing The Villain

The real estate agent claimed that she has lodged various complaints against him, noting that he was also accused of "sexual misconduct." She also alleged that production bullies the cast into saying certain lines in order to create drama.

Quinn, who admitted that she has been playing the part of the villain since the beginning of the show, said that she believes the show would have been better off without DiVello's production company controlling the narrative. The 33-year-old has been the center of the drama through the five seasons of the show.

New Book

Christine Quinn
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Leaving The Oppenheim Group seems to have sparked an ardor in Quinn as the reality star recently bared it all in her book "How To Be A Boss B*tch." Speaking on Zoom from her Southern California home, she discussed her new book while admitting that some of the biggest storylines on Netflix's Selling Sunset, which portray her as the show's villain, are either hyped up for drama or entirely fake.

Quinn's book entails her journey to self-confidence and tackles popular self-help topics like relationships, finance, and manifestation. She also let out her vulnerable side as she shared the part of her story that she says often gets left on the Netflix cutting-room floor.

Leaving The Oppenheim Group

When asked if she's still with the O Group, Quinn replied, "absolutely not." "It's toxic. It's a cult. I have no desire. Bon voyage," the reality star said of her former office. She went on to reveal that she's now at her own brokerage, RealOpen, a company that specializes in property transactions via cryptocurrency. She went further to say that although she's not leaving "Selling Sunset" any time soon, the show's producers knew for a year and a half she planned to start her company.