January Jones Stuns In Stylish Sundress

January Jones
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Ashabi Azeez

January Jones' stunning braless looks have been thrilling to fans all over the country. Once again, the actress sizzled on Instagram with a stunning picture in a stylish sundress. 

Sundress And Some Sass

January Jones
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The mother-of-one always turned heads whenever she posted on Instagram. She shared photos in a sundress, looking beautiful as ever. She wore a green, white, and pink dress covered in palm tree prints. The dress had spaghetti straps and a low-cut neckline with strings, which flaunted her cleavage. She accessorized with a gold necklace, gold ring earrings, and metallic shades. Wearing simple makeup, she looked stylish and elegant in the braless sundress. The Mad Men star has countlessly proved that her backyard photos could provide a tropical feeling, and this picture was no different. 


Always Stylish

January Jones in leather dress
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The 44-year-old actress does not disappoint when it comes to sparkling in various stylish outfits. She graced her 1 million Instagram fans with another stunning look. She was dressed in a black knitted body-hugging gown, with cut-out details on both sides and a ring-opening at the center. The stylish queen, who reminisced on quarantine PTSD, opted for a blue eyeshadow with pink lipstick and a floppy black hat. Fans raced to drop their comments on her eye-catching look. A fan commented, "I like the makeup," with a love face emoji. 

Workout Routine

January Jones
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The Spinning Out star knows what her body wants and ensures she goes for it. January, who loves "pasty girl summer" was not really into spending long hours in the gym until she found the perfect workout routine that motivated her. After giving birth to her son, Xander, the actress tried to focus on getting her posture and core strength back.

She started doing barre classes and also took private pilates lessons. The American model was also introduced to Lagree Pilates which helped in building the muscles. For Jones, having a competitive drive during workouts was essential to boost her and serve as motivation. 

Getting To Know Jones

January Jones in braless jumpsuit
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Jones does not follow a strict diet plan. She ate whatever she wanted and made sure she drank celery juice every day, which has yielded great results in her energy, digestion, and skin. She loved cooking for her son, and they eat organic.

Another fun fact about the actress was that she loved cleaning and focusing on her skincare regimen. She also fought for issues that were important to her, like doing all she could to stop shark finning and child trafficking.