Inside The Lavish Closet Of ‘RHOD’ Star Tiffany Moon

Tiffany Moon selfie
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Claudine Baugh

Real Housewives Of Dallas (RHOD) star Tiffany Moon decided to let the cameras inside her exquisite home to show the world her lavish $3 million closet.

The reality TV star - an anesthesiologist working out of Texas, is married to business mogul, Daniel Moon, whose net worth is an estimated $10 million thanks to his family's business, ‘Sam Moon Trading Co.’. Tiffany herself is worth an estimated $2.5 million and says her primary source of income comes from the hospital.

According to Forbes, an anesthesiologist working in Texas typically earns a salary of around $241,090. But additionally, the RHOD star is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of a wine label, Three Moons, with her husband, as well as the owner of a candle line, Aroma-sthesia, which combines aromatherapy and anesthesia. And let’s not forget her residency at RHOD.

The $3 Million Closet

An established connoisseur of finer things, Moon, 37, showed off her extravagant walk-in, filled with millions of dollars worth of designer brands. Inside is a sprawling display of high-fashion clothing, jewelry, shoes, and an impressive collection of Hermès Kelly and Birkin handbags including 'the world's tiniest Birkin', all of which are protected by 24/7-security and a special fingerprint lock.

“We have a fingerprint lock here,” Moon explained on Truly's series Bling Life. “There are only two fingerprints that can get you into this closet — one is mine.” The only other print that opens the closet's doors belongs to the housewife’s armed security guard, Sterling. Not even her husband, Daniel Moon, has access to get inside.

Inside Tiffany’s Lavish Closet 

Lucky for viewers, Sterling, who is hired to protect the Moon’s entire gated estate, was a summons away when the anesthesiologist’s fingerprint failed to unlock the doors. “Apparently, it likes his finger more than it likes mine,” she joked as she let the cameras inside. 

Tiffany’s walk-in closet, which can give any chic high-end boutique on the mall a run for their money, features white cabinetry wardrobes enclosed with glass doors, and the space is brilliantly lit with a crystal chandelier along with recessed lighting. In the center of the boudoir-sized closet is a white island with drawers and attached is a bench topped with a pink cushion and a black and white Chanel pillow. 

There are racks of designer clothing, drawers filled with expensive luxury jewelry, and lacing the entire back wall of the closet are shelves filled with her designer shoes, including a pair of custom Christian Louboutin heels that were signed by the famed designer himself. Moon even gave viewers a glimpse of the red sole heels, signed 'For Tiffany’; adding Louboutin is “a dear friend of mine.” 

The Handbag Collection

On another wall of Tiffany’s lavish closet are shelves filled with her exquisite handbag collection. To say she’s a fan of Hermès, Birkin, and Kelly bags is an understatement; the Dallas housewife has an expansive selection boasting various designs, material finishes, colors, and sizes. 

Just for reference, a Birkins handbag can start at around $10,000, but the highly coveted pieces can sell for $100,000 or more. Even her tiniest piece, a Barbie-sized Birkin is a step below the brand’s ‘micro’ version that lists for approximately $30,000, which for Moon was copped purely for show. “It's the world's tiniest Birkin — and you cannot put anything in it,” she said. 

It’s no wonder she wants to be buried in her closet, yep! Moon considers her custom closet to be her 'favorite room' in her 12,000 square-foot Texas mansion and would like to be buried inside it when she dies.

A Hermès Expert

Moon told Glamour last year that she considers herself a Hermès expert and treats the bags like art. “I've always been into clothes. It's been a passion of mine even though I have a career as a doctor, where I wear scrubs 90 percent of the time. Choosing a favorite thing in my closet is like making me pick my favorite child, but I am a connoisseur of Hermès handbags,” she said. 

“I just got a tiny crocodile one that's beautiful and I've never carried it. It just sits there in my closet,” she continued. “If you get any water on these handbags, they color the leather. So I can't carry it on a day that might rain or take it to a restaurant where someone might spill something on it. I consider it like an expensive painting on the wall, but it's a purse on a shelf in my closet.”

Take the tour of Tiffany Moon’s lavish closet below: