A Glimpse Inside Travis Barker's Tranquil California Home

Travis Barker
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Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are having the time of their lives. The 46-year-old musician recently opened the doors to his Calabasas, California, house for Architectural Digest, showing how wonderfully serene it is. The newly furnished home can be considered charmingly modest for a bona fide rock musician married to a Kardashian.

While Travis's fans expected his home to match his punk rock style, the stunning residence actually has a peaceful, clean look with neutral tones and a beachy, modern feel.

Here is a glimpse of the home.

The Inimitable Waldo Fernandez

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet
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Wondering why Travis' home has a different vibe from his punk-rock persona? There is a perfectly reasonable explanation. Kris Jenner, the drummer's mother-in-law, introduced him to Waldo Fernandez, a designer whose "zen" aesthetic was immediately appreciated by the musician.

"Travis wasn't looking for a major statement or any kind of caricatured rock-star style," Fernandez recalled. "He wanted a home that would allow him to think and be at peace with himself."

That idea manifested itself in a subdued color palette, tailored ensembles of linen-covered upholstery, warm wood accent pieces with thick patina, and handcrafted furnishings influenced by midcentury classics.

 "We did it all with a very light hand, which was in keeping with the mission," Fernandez added. 

Travis Praises Waldo

Travis granted Fernandez a free hand to refurbish the house while he was on tour for the better part of the year and stayed away until it was time to move in.

According to the drummer, he connected with the celebrity designer the first day he met him.

"I loved the simplicity and zen quality of his work. We connected immediately," Travis said of his initial meeting with the design legend.

"I had interviewed several designers, and the day I met Waldo, the minute I spoke to him on the phone, his energy was just the best energy I had experienced."

A Bit Of His Punk Rock Style

The tattooed artist revealed that the homes he once lived in in the past were more in line with what his fans expected from him.

"I've had homes with lots of flashy cars, murals and bikes hanging from the ceiling," Travis said. The rocker shared, "But with three children of my own, plus Kourtney's kids, this place felt right for this moment in my life. I wanted a house where I can rest and enjoy my family."

However, the video tour did not show a garage full of automobiles and a music room, and Travis clearly put his mark on the house, with the singer stating that some of his favorite artists' works are displayed on the walls.

Travis Makes The Best Matcha

The one-story abode features an in-home recording studio where Travis recently collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and Willow Smith. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cacao are available at the matcha station in the kitchen. Kourtney, who was sitting at the kitchen counter in a button-down lounge shirt during the tour, agreed that her husband prepares the best matcha in Los Angeles.

While the furnishings reflect a refined, sophisticated sensibility, the art on the walls is more in keeping with the musician's hard-rocking, "tattoo-rific" public personality. For example, the home's front foyer features an Andy Warhol diamond-dust Dracula mounted over a 19th-century Chinese console.

Will Kourtney Be Moving In?

One wonders if Kourtney will share the elegant, tranquil home, which also has a kids' amusement room with a cement ping pong table and a Dior BMX bike, with Travis.

Travis explained that his wife still has her own home nearby before adding that they may eventually purchase another property together.

"Kourtney has a great house a block away from here. Right now I'm just planning to convert my home studio into a bunk room so her kids are comfortable here. In the future, I suppose we'll wait to find something better than what we have. Wherever we end up, we feel incredibly blessed and grateful," Travis said.

With Kourtney and Travis enjoying a blissful relationship and marriage, one cannot but wait to see the magic the newly-wedded couple will create in their home.