Despite ACL Injury, Odell Beckham Jr Still Draws Interest From Packers, Rams, And Saints

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Ernesto Cova

There's no denying that Odell Beckham Jr. is one of the most talented wideouts in the NFL. When healthy, he can do things not many other players can, but he's seldom been healthy over the past three years.

OBJ tore his ACL while helping the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl, meaning he'll miss the first portion of the season. That's why he's still a free agent a month into the offseason.

Surgery Was A Success

Odell Beckham Jr
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According to Ian Rapoport, there were some doubts about OBJ's ability to get back on the field, as his first surgery didn't go as expected. Now, however, he's expected to make a full recovery:

"When Odell tore his ACL with the Browns, it did not sound like [the surgery] went as well as anyone would've hoped," Rapoport said on The Pat McAfee Show. "So before the Rams signed Odell Beckham this past season the knee was a concern because it was not 100 percent healthy. And I don't believe they would have given him a long-term deal just based on the knee because it was troubling. This past surgery went really well, and he probably is going to have extended his career."

Jarvis Landry Wants Him Back Home. Packers, And Rams Also Interested

Odell Beckham Jr
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Beckham told Jarvis Landry to 'take him home' after his LSU teammate signed with the Saints. Also, Rapoport reported that the Packers were keeping tabs on him and Julio Jones.

However, right now, it seems like the likeliest scenario is a return to the Rams, as HC Sean McVay admitted that he wants him back on the team:

"I really want Odell back on our team. He's a guy that in a short amount of time we were able to develop a really special relationship," McVay said. "I thought he brought a great spark to our team. I thought he played really well. He's a great teammate. We all know what a charisma and a presence that he has, but he is truly a great teammate, made so many impactful plays. It was a shame to see him go down in that game, but man, he sure still made an impact with those two catches that he did have and without a doubt want to get Odell back here."

The Rams already have Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Van Jefferson, so they can afford to wait until he's fully healed. He'll bounce back and prove that injuries won't take away his greatness wherever he lands.