Carmella Draws Attention In Bed Sheets

Carmella seflie with wine glass
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WWE superstar Carmella recently hitched her longtime boo Corey Graves, and the athlete is still in Cloud 9. The intimate ceremony saw their family and friends and a few colleagues in attendance. Weeks after her wedding, Carmella is still over the moon, as evidenced by her wedding-related Instagram posts.

Despite being a lover girl, Carmella gets down to business when necessary, and she stays stylish while kicking major butt.

Check out the pictures below.

A Hawaiian Honeymoon

She shared a steamy picture of herself wrapped in nothing but white sheets on her honeymoon. The 34-year-old athlete could've passed for a model with the way her slender body and curves hung out of the sheets. Years of working out in the gym definitely paid off, and she's letting her 3.2 million Instagram followers know! Carmella looked content lying there, and she credited her happiness and photo to her husband, Corey.

The Center Of Attention

Before getting married and taking a short break to enjoy her honeymoon, Carmella stole the attention of millions on WWE. The athlete wore shiny gold and white wrestling gear featuring a bikini, butt-high stockings, and matching sneakers. She took her time to stretch and flaunt her Women's Tag Team Championship belt while reminding everyone she was the Center of Attention.

"No pen, no paper… but I still draw attention honeyyyyyyy 🤑"

Spicing Things Up On Valentine's Day

When Corey and Carmella are together, love is always in the air because they spice things up on social media. During Valentine's Day this year, Carmella shared a sexy picture of the couple posing in bed with rose petals scattered around them. She wore fitting underwear featuring a white and red polka heart bra and matching red and white lace bottoms.

They sent pulses racing when Carmella sat astride Grave with his thumb underneath her lace band. While a few commenters were rude, most of her loyal followers praised the picture calling it sexy and saying.

"She is a Baddie."

Living It Up In Hawaii

"I love this man with ever ounce of my being..."

Single people better avoid Carmella's socials during this period because she continues declaring her love for her husband. The pair have been inseparable since they got together about three years ago, and marriage is only strengthening their bond.

They continued to share pictures from their Hawaiian honeymoon, and they embraced the Island life dressing the part and enjoying the serenity of the beach.