MLB News: Vladimir Guerrero Jr Credits Maturity For His Great Play

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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Ernesto Cova

The Toronto Blue Jays knew they had a gem when they got Vladimir Guerrero Jr. But after some early struggles in his career, doubts were raised above his head.

He would have to overcome his father's shadow. More than that, he had to prove that he was smart and mature enough to make the most of all that raw power and talent.

Fast-forward to today, and Vladdy Jr. is a superstar in the making and one of MLB's finest bats already.

He's Still A Work In Progress

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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Guerrero is currently slashing .282/.364/.473 with 37 hits, seven homers, 17 runs, and 20 RBIs. But after an MVP-caliber season, the 23-year old still thinks he's far below his ceiling:

“Obviously, I’m not going to stand here and tell you that I feel 100 percent,” Guerrero told “There’s a couple of things that I need to get better at, but the more games I play in, the better I’m feeling.”

He's More Mature Now

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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Guerrero has come a long way to become the player he is nowadays. He realizes he had to become more mature to overcome that early adversity and find his rhythm:

“Maturing has helped me a lot. I’m feeling a lot better,” the slugger added. “It’s not just that, it’s also the advice I get from my family. It’s been a real help to me. Being more mature now, it’s a great thing, and it helps me get better. [Compared to] when I was back home when I was 18 and 19, I can make better adjustments now.”

Guerrero Jr. Needs To Disconnect

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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More than that, Vladdy Jr. realized that he needed to step away from the game every now and then to avoid feeling overwhelmed. That's why he only does so much when he's not training or on the field:

“Most of the time, I kind of disconnect myself from baseball to be with my family, my daughter and my fiancée,” Guerrero said. “But when I do watch a game, I actually try to watch division games. Why? Because sometimes you can pick up something or learn from those games and take advantage of that.”

Blue Jays Want To Build Something Special

Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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The Blue Jays put together a Wold Series-caliber team for the season. And they'll continue to be in the mix for as long as Vladdy is there. Then again, they know the AL East is one of the toughest divisions in all of baseball:

“Our division is tough. We are going to be facing great teams every night,” Guerrero sentenced. “Like I always say, though, you have to prepare yourself first. That’s how you go out there and win the game.”

They have the talent, so it's up to them now.