NBA News: Steph Curry Reveals The Warriors' Mindset Ahead Of WCF

Stephen Curry
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Ernesto Cova

For the first time in two years, the Golden State Warriors are back in the NBA playoffs. And, like it's happened in every playoff run under Steve Kerr, they've reached the Western Conference Finals.

But the Dubs are far from satisfied. They heard all the noise, all the chatter about how they were done and the dynasty was over. They've been waiting for this moment for the past two years.

Warriors Are Still Hungry

Stephen Curry
Wikimedia | Chrishmt0423

That's why they're taking this year as if they hadn't won three rings in the past seven seasons. They have the same greed, the same hunger they had back in 2015 when this magical run started:

“We don’t have anything right now,” Curry said, per The Athletic. “We don’t have anything. That’s the mindset of us being greedy in what we’re trying to go after. There’s more so just I guess the acknowledgment of how funny it is when I look at some of those guys and you’re reminded how young they actually are. Jayson Tatum’s 24, Luka’s 23, Ja (Morant)’s 22."

They're Experienced, Not Old

Draymond Green
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Grizzlies' Dillon Brooks warned the Warriors that they were getting old and their time was coming. But they couldn't care less about age and know it's all about desire:

“But outside of that, we’re hungry enough knowing that we haven’t been on the radar the last two years in terms of being realistic championship contenders," Curry added. "And now we’re knocking on the doorstep of getting back to the Finals. So maybe that’s just me in terms of not trying to claim the ‘old guy’ tag. But we’re as hungry as they are to get it done.”

Wiggins Will Be Key

Andrew Wiggins
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The Warriors won't have Andre Iguodala's top-notch defense this time. But then again, Curry trusts Andrew Wiggins to make the same impact the former Finals MVP made back in the day:

“Because we understand what he’s capable of in this league,” Curry said. “All the things he’s gone through in his career, from No. 1 pick to having some amazing statistical years in Minnesota but not having much to show for it to coming here. We understand that he can impact winning basketball.

Who's Stopping The Dubs Now?

Stephen Curry
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All things considered, it would be tough to put your money against a team that's been here way too many times.

Curry's Warriors are a perfect 5-0 in the Western Conference Finals under Steve Kerr and are eager to make their sixth trip to the Finals in eight seasons.

So, who's stopping them at this point?