Matt Patricia Explains Why Patriots Drafted Cole Strange

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The New England Patriots made one of the most head-scratching picks of the NFL Draft. Then again, that's been a common trend since Bill Belichick took the reins of the team.

Now, it'll be up to Cole Strange to prove why the Pats used a first-round pick on him, as it seemed like he could've been had way below in the Draft.

The Pats Liked What They Saw

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The Pats, however, didn't think Strange was going to be available in the later rounds. Matt Patricia claimed the team was really high on him after watching the tape and praised his versatility

“Obviously, we thought Cole was a good player. We got to see him on tape and at the Senior Bowl at couple different positions,” Patricia told the media. “We thought a lot of things stood out at that level."

He's Still Got A Lot To Learn

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Even so, Strange is still a work in progress and will need to make several tweaks to his game to thrive at the next level:

"Certainly, he’s got a long way to go at this level," Patricia added. "I think there was — just the whole evaluation — everything was very positive. Thought that he would be able to continue to improve, especially as we get him and coach him a little bit and get him some exposure. We think that his ability to grow and learn is really in front of him.”

The Pats Will Take A Different Approach

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Patricia and Joe Judge will share OC duties. In fact, the Pats will take a not-so-common approach with no actual titles or defined roles:

“I am working with Mac, along with all the skill group on offense," Judge said. I’d say all of us are working collectively as a coaching unit with the entire offense. So that’s the most direct and specific answer I can give you on that. We want to make sure we can coach all the players and that nobody is out there with a lack of knowledge in the offense.”

It's Bill Belichick's Plan

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That may not be what most teams do, but the Patriots are not like most teams. Belichick always seems to have something else on his mind, and it's not like it hasn't worked out for them.

The Patriots will need to build from last year's impressive season, something that'll be easier said than done after the major losses they endured in the offseason.