NBA Rumors: Hornets Could Get Myles Turner & Buddy Hield For Package Centered On Gordon Hayward In Proposed Trade

Myles Turner trying to score for the Pacers
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JB Baruelo

The Charlotte Hornets are one of the young teams that managed to establish an impressive performance in the 2021-22 NBA season. The Hornets may have missed the playoffs once again, but they have shown that they are ready to make a huge noise in the Eastern Conference. When the season is officially over, the Hornets are expected to be aggressive on the market searching for quality players who would boost their chances of reaching the NBA Finals and winning the NBA championship title next year.

Proposed Trade With Pacers

Buddy Hield playing defense
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One of the potential trade partners for the Hornets this summer is the Indiana Pacers. In a recent article, James Piercey of NBA Analysis Network suggested three perfect trade ideas for the Hornets. These include a hypothetical blockbuster deal that would enable them to acquire Myles Turner and Buddy Hield from the Pacers. In the proposed trade scenario, the Hornets would be sending a trade package that includes Gordon Hayward, Nick Richards, and a 2024 first-round pick to the Pacers in exchange for Turner and Hield.

Hornets Hit Two Birds With One Stone

Myles Turner attending an event
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Though it would cost them a future first-rounder, the proposed trade deal with the Pacers would be a no-brainer for the Hornets. Aside from successfully getting rid of Hayward and the two years and $61.5 million left in his contract, it would also enable them to add two starting-caliber players in Turner and Hield. Adding Turner and Hield to the core of LaMelo Ball, Terry Rozier, and Miles Bridges would undeniably give the Hornets a better chance of ending their playoff drought next season.

Hornets Boost Offense & Defense

Buddy Hield driving into the basket
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Turner and Hield would be incredible acquisitions for the Hornets. They may not be All-Stars, but they could make a huge impact for the Hornets on both ends of the floor. The potential arrival of Turner and Hield in Charlotte would help them improve their offensive and defensive efficiencies which rank 6th and 22nd, respectively, this season. Turner would give the Hornets a starting center who can space the floor and protect the rim, while Hield would provide them with a three-point specialist in their wing.

Why Hornets Would Make The Trade

Gordon Hayward warming up before the game
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While the trade seems perfect for the Hornets, it remains a big question mark if the Pacers would be interested in such a deal. However, Piercey explained why the hypothetical blockbuster would be worth exploring for the Pacers.

"As for the Indiana Pacers, they seem to be walking a line between rebuilding and retooling," Piercey said. "This deal allows them to stay on that line. They land an impact veteran in Hayward, and a first-round pick in the process. Plus, Hayward is from the area. A homecoming story is always nice, and the Indiana Pacers would be getting one."