Emily Ratajkowski Stuns In Backless Dress

Emily Ratajkowski
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Ashabi Azeez

Emily Ratajkowski is a big stepper in fashion, and she always stays at the top of her fame, whether she is showing up for high-end fashion shows, lounging by the pool, or simply enjoying an outing. In one of her many fashion inspiration posts on Instagram, the star left no stones unturned in a scintillating look.

Scenery And A Lovely Dress

Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily looked chic as always, baring her lean and toned back in a whorl floral pink dress. The ankle-length outfit had a low back grazing just above her waistline. The outfit fit her slender and shapely form while hugging her behind. 

The supermodel's dress included straps across her back to complete the exquisite look. Emily let her long brunette curls down her back while leaving fans to imagine what the front of her dress looked like. The star completed her look with a pink purse and minimal jewelry. 

Emily's snapshots came off as perfect mood boards for leisure moments. The "Bookfluencer" posed close to the edge of a mountain with green shrubbery and a large expanse of the sea. Many fans in the comment section gushed over her as they were enthralled by her relaxing view. 


Stunning In White 

Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily takes her workout routines seriously, and she has an enviable figure to show for it. The fashion entrepreneur effortlessly rocks stylish looks, and her 29.2 million Instagram followers are here for it all. 

In another of her style lookbooks, she stepped out in a white mini dress that also featured a very low back. The outfit bore a halter neckline, and as always, Emily left her long hair flowing around her back and trim shoulders. She complemented the sizzling glam with a metallic purse and strappy silver sandals. 


A Relatable Selfcare Lifestyle 

Emily Ratajkowski
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The mom-of-one's figure, poise, and style are enough to make anyone think she had a strict lifestyle regimen, but Emily's self-care religion is absolutely relatable. The star mostly channels a fin approach to working out so that she can keep fit.

The 30-year-old has revealed that she fancies working out at the gym. This is because she often optimizes her strength better when it's a collective place with people also working out. Emily also prefers to work out at night because she gets to sleep better.

Game-Changing Mental Wellness

Emily Ratajkowski
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Emily's self-care plan and routine extend to her mental health. The star once stated how disconnected her psychological and physical health used to be, but once she discovered what worked for her, she wasted no time incorporating it. 

The swimwear brand owner believes the mental and physical health are aligned, and for this reason, she would order Thai cuisine, stay home, and put it on the TV. 

She would also combat anxiety by keeping her phone far away and sleeping. The 5ft6 model wishes she sleeps more, but she does have a limit on how she stays on social media.