MLB News: Willson Contreras Is Frustrated Amid Potential Farewell Season With Cubs

Willson Contreras
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Ernesto Cova

Winning is addictive, especially when you reach the highest stages. That's why Willson Contreras is having such a tough time in what might as well be his final season with the Chicago Cubs.

Not so long ago, Wrigley Field hosted World Series baseball. Now, they're 10-19 and don't figure to be an 85-win club this season.

Contreras Doesn't Want To Lose

Willson Contreras
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The 30-year-old is doing his best not to let his frustration spread throughout the clubhouse. But even as a veteran, he can't help but feel angry about this tough stretch:

“Man, it’s really tough,” Contreras told The Athletic. “It’s really tough to even watch, to be honest. I know we’re trying. I know we’re trying our best to win some ball games. But things are not working our way. The only thing that we can control is the way we go about our business. Come down here, day in and day out, do our best. And if it goes our way, it’s really good. But losing sucks, I’ll tell you that. That’s all I can say.”

He's Trying To Be Supportive

Willson Contreras
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Contreras is the leader of the dugout and knows he has to lead by example. But it's clear that he doesn't want to be part of a losing ballclub:

“I’m trying to do my best to pass my energy to everybody,” Contreras said. “I’m trying to support my team, to have everybody’s back, because I know that it’s been a really tough situation."

Cubs Have To Be Patient

Willson Contreras
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He knows that all stretches, both good and bad, will pass. But the Cubs haven't been patient enough to let the game come back to them:

"Like I told Nico (Hoerner), a lot of times we focus so much on results that we end up frustrated and upset at things instead of enjoying the moment, enjoying playing baseball. And then the results are going to happen," Contreras said. "But as a human, we fall into following or wanting the result right away. A lot of times, baseball doesn’t work that way.”

They Need To Be Better

Willson Contreras
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The Cubs aren't letting this tough stretch keep them down. They're trying to support each other and find a way out of this hole.

“We’re trying to keep each other up,” Contreras said. “We’re trying to share ideas on the guys we’re facing. We’re trying to get feedback from everybody. That’s something that we’ve been working on these last games. But I feel like the adjustments are not there yet, and that’s obviously the way they play against us a little bit. We have to continue to have better at-bats.”

Contreras days at Chicago could be numbered but he'll continue to handle himself like a pro every single day.