What’s Next For Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Top 5 Jobs If He Wasn’t A Boxer

Recently, The Inquisitr asked who was next for Floyd Mayweather Jr. The resounding answer is that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has nothing left to prove (just ask Kobe Bryant).


So since that conversation is over, we now query: what’s next for Floyd Mayweather Jr.? This led to pondering Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s skill set, which gave way to wondering what Floyd Mayweather Jr. would have done if he was not a boxer. Here are some helpful suggestions.

Janitor: At 45-0, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has mastered the sweep, yes? He wipes the floor with his opponents, no? His record is spotless? He turns his opponents to dust? Floyd Mayweather Jr. can clean anyone’s clock? Sigh…

Professional Gambler: Floyd “Money” Mayweather loves to show off his betting tickets on Twitter. After pulling in $200k on the Texas A&M game earlier this year, maybe “Money” Mayweather could live off the sportsbooks. Of course, not everyone agrees with this idea.

MMA Promoter: Say it aint so, Floyd! Mayweather hasn’t historically been the world’s biggest fan of mixed martial arts. Ya know, like that time he said Caucasian people invented the sport because they couldn’t box. Or when he said “mixed martial arts is for beer drinkers” (that’s a bad thing?) in the same conversation. However, he apparently wants to promote MMA fighters.

Hype Man: The MMA rant and all the other trash talk Floyd Mayweather Jr. has spit throughout his career suggests he would make an excellent hype man. Just ask his dad. Maybe he could hype for pal Justin Bieber.

The best idea?

Ice Sculptor: Floyd Mayweather Jr. carves up his opponents with ice-cold precision.

What do you think Floyd Mayweather Jr. would do if not boxing? What will Floyd Mayweather do after boxing? Who should Floyd Mayweather Jr. face next?