Nastia Liukin In Swimsuit Stands On Edge Of Boat

Close up of Nastia Liukin in a red dress and fishtail blonde braid
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Nastia Liukin in a red swimsuit is a whole mood, and she knows it! The retired Olympic Gold Medal gymnast enjoys living life to the fullest as she jet sets from one location to another. She's mentioned severally on her social media pages that she loves Summertime because of the weather and outfits, especially since she gets the opportunity to indulge her adventurous spirit. Although the former pro-athlete recently returned from a tropical trip, let's look at some of her fiery red swimsuit moments in the past.

A Calm Feeling

Close up of Nastia Liukin with braided blonde hair and red lipstick
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Blonde hair tied back in a messy ponytail, a high-rise one-piece fiery red bathing suit accentuating toned glutes, and a dramatic flowing kimono - that's all Liukin needed for a sail to the middle of the ocean. The businesswoman stood on the boat's edge, flaunting her long toned legs as she took in the sights and basked in the breezy goodness of the open sea. The feeling was so soothing, that she closed her eyes to take it all in.

Teasing A Bikini Top

Nastia Liukin attends the ESPYS in a short red dress with plunging neckline
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On a beach day gone wrong in Austin, Texas, Liukin showed her one million-plus Instagram followers that teasing some skin can still be as sexy as baring it all. She dressed in a shiny red bikini top worn underneath a sheer black short-sleeved shirt, tucked in high-waist Daisy Dukes. The 32-year-old paired her ensemble with a clear white bag, polka-dotted red and white mid-calf booties, and a red cowboy hat worn over her platinum blonde hair. Her ability to switch up her hair shade at will is one of the reasons she's so fashionable.

Can You Recognize Her?

Nastia Liukin in a red sleeveless dress at the Heart Truth fundraiser runway show
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Talk about morphing into a new person with every hairstyle, and Nastia Liukin takes the cake! The former pro-athlete is unrecognizable in this Gigi Caruso cutout bathing suit showing her cleavage and defined pelvis. She wore a blonde bob fringe wig and covered her eyes with round-framed dark sunglasses. The only indications that she's the Gold medal-winning gymnast are her physique and a slight smile. She could've passed for anybody other than those if she wanted to go incognito.

Clear Skin Supremacy

Close up of Nastia Liukin with blonde side bangs and pinks lipstick in a black top
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Red can be beautiful in checks, too and Nastia proved that with this 190s-inspired style featuring a knotted top and high-rise V-shaped bottoms. The businesswoman paired the outfit with gold jewelry pieces highlighting her platinum blonde wavy bob cut. As always, she wore a form of skin protection (dark sunglasses) to ensure her smooth, creamy skin stayed flawless.

Her clear skin is attributable to her ability to manage her stress. According to Sqandal, Nastia is a good mindfulness practitioner.