Kelly Clarkson Gushes Over Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin at a carpet
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This past week Kelly Clarkson, host of The Kelly Clarkson Show decided to take up a theme that would be emulated throughout the show in her outfit styling, stage set, guest appearances, and interview discussions. The theme selected was the 80s; from Pac-Man to ranch dressing, Full House to funk, New Wave to extreme fashions, known for its materialism and consumerism it was definitely one of the better decades of the past century.

One of the featured guests of the week was Josh Brolin and we take a look at what the two got up to.

Josh Brolin Credits

Josh Brolin and his wife at the Avengers Infinity War Premier
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Cinema guru Josh Brolin has been racking up credits in some of the most popular recent films in the last few years most notably as Thanos in the final two chapters of The Avengers (Infinity War and Endgame) and as Gurney Halleck in the visual masterpiece Dune. But this trend goes back years, appearing in both the Deadpool and Sicario hits and the classic Men in Black franchise way back when.

The eve of this starlit career however came long before mainstream media and at a stage when the film industry was hitting new heights, the 80s.

Kelly Gushes Over The Goonies

The Goonies
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Released in 1985, The Goonies follows kids who uncover pirate treasure and are pursued by a family of criminals. This was Brolin's first-ever movie role at the tender age of 17, propelling him onto the Hollywood platform as the film quickly became a cult classic.

Kelly Clarkson didn't hesitate to seize the moment and confess her love for the film and Josh's character 'Brand' specifically, confessing that she had desired to get married to him. The Dune actor quickly took the opportunity to share a warm snuggle with the host.

Family Friendly

Josh Brlin with pregnant wife Kathryn Boyd
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Kelly also told of how she had recently watched The Goonies with her children, and that she found herself having to laugh out loud in order to drown out the cursing she forgot was prevalent in the film.

The spotlight then shifted to Mr. Brolin who --- with kids ranging from one to 33 years old --- has his fair share of stories. He told Kelly that oftentimes when walking in the street with his kids, people will assume he is their grandfather, an effect of having kids in your fifties. But Kelly related to him, pointing out that she waited till her thirties before she had her kids, stating there is no problem with having them later in life.

Current Endeavours

The No Country for Old Men star seems to defy that very title, aging like fine wine and still managing to land roles in bog films. In addition to his past movies, he's bound to reprise his role in the third installment of Deadpool and the second entry in the Dune franchise. However, if you -- like other fans -- can't wait till then, you can catch him on the Amazon's Prime video series Outer Range.